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Palmer Report September 9th – 15th

After this nice three day weekend it is time to put on the working clothes. There are no long breaks in this part of the world. Globe-Miami is a working mans community. We have ranchers, farmers and mine workers. Not one of these occupations allows for much down time. It is in these conditions that a certain character trait is born. Men and women from steel and mining towns grow up with a certain metal edge. There is a certain band in town that is currently embracing that line. I can not tell you how long they have officially been a band, or how long they will continue to be a band. That is part of the beauty of a Metal Band.


Sinthetic is a band that is local to the Globe-Miami area. They plays classic rock as well as some heavier metal. The members include: Shon Bywater, Aaron Zufelt and Brian Vadnais

Shon Bywater

The band was started by founding member Shon Bywater. “Sinthetic started because someone asked if I did karaoke and I told them no, but I can put together an open mic. Once we started jamming things were working so we started booking and playing more.” Shon is quite familiar with the lifestyle of a musician. “I used to play in cover bands here in town and original bands in the Valley. If I bring Sinthetic to the valley to do some shows in the Phoenix area, we have the opportunity to find more talent to bring back home. That will help our local music scene grow.” Sinthetic performs on a regular basis. You can view their show calendar by clicking this link “Sinthetic”

Son Bywater, Drummer for Sinthetic.
Son Bywater, Drummer for Sinthetic.

Aaron Zufelt

Aaron Zufelt has been with Sinthetic since the beginning. He and Shon are the two permanent members. Being the talented musician that he is, Aaron will switch between bass and guitar depending on the line up of the band. “Our plans for the future are to play more original shows and get some recording done. We have a lot of shows coming up in Mesa and Phoenix.” This sounds like an ambitious statement for a band that “started out at Two Lanes Saloon as an open mic jam band.” However, when it comes to being in a metal band. Sometimes you just have to go hardcore.

Aaron Zufelt. Bassist and Lead Singer for Sinthetic.
Aaron Zufelt. Bassist and Lead Singer for Sinthetic.

Brian Vadnais

All the way from Wisconsin comes the “Beast,” Brian Vadnais. Brian has recently re-joined with Sinthetic after a brief break; musicians. Bringing his own style to thrash and metal guitar, Brian has his sound dialed in. Over coming the obstacle of being the “new guy” in town is not easy but he has not let it stop him from getting his music “out there.” When you go out to see Sinthetic at a live show, you are sure to walk away with at least one “Wow” moment from the lead guitarist.

Brian Vadnais. Guitarist for Sinthetic

Miami Fiesta

Come one, come all to the Maimi Fiest on Saturday September 12th from 9am until Midnight. The party starts with Chihuahua races in the morning, food and vendors during the day and the evening winds down with live music. The Fiesta is held in front of the Bullion Plaza Museum at the end of Sullivan Street in Downtown Miami. Be sure to see the updated exhibits in the museum while you are there. On Friday, Spetmber 11th, Gregory McNamee will be telling his story of John Wayne, “The Duke Rides Again.” This event begins at 6pm.

Open Mic Jams

Two Lanes Saloon on Wednesday, September 9th from 8pm until Midnight. Hosted by Sinthetic.

Farley’s Pub on Saturday Nights from 9pm until Midnight. This week, September 12th’s host: Stephen Palmer.

Wild Horses Saloon on Sunday’s from 4pm until 10pm. Hosted by Sinthetic and Roxi Hadley.


Two Lanes Saloon on Thursday Nights. Hosted by Frank Taylor.

Shamrock Bar on Friday and Saturday Nights. Hosted by Nancy Madrid.

Live Music

Jammerz Bar hosts Low Expectations on Saturday, September 12th @ 9pm.

Drift Inn Saloon hosts Howling Booty on Saturday, September 12th @ 9:30pm.




About Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer is an Arizona native, born and raised. With his ear to the ground and head in the clouds Stephen brings a passion to life that is as complex as it is full of joy. Reader beware the adventures of an untamed mind.

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