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Palmer Report November 11th- 17th

The time has come for one of America’s favorite holidays. Let your belt out an extra notch and prepare yourself for the wondrous Thanksgiving feast. As you gather with friends and family allow yourself to transcend the daily struggle. Use what you have to give back to others. Find your way to be thankful.

Miami Parks

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to enjoy the early day sun. Miami has 2 unique parks that make this easy to do by myself or with the family. The Veterans Memorial Park is located in downtown Miami on Sullivan Street. The other park is located on the north side of Highway 60 as you approach the mines coming from Miami. There is playground equipment for the kids as well as benches and tables to enjoy a picnic.

Miami Veterans Memorial park on upper left. Bottom and right side are pictures taken at the park along side Highway 60.

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrement

Tis’ the season for giving. On Thanksgiving night the Catholic Church in Miami will host a free Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner will be from 5pm until 7pm and all are welcome to attend. If you wish to help please see the church office. They will accept any food donations or volunteer requests. Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrement is a beautiful church in downtown Miami. With stained glass murals the church really captures an old cathedral feel. Whether you are stopping for a regular service or just to explore the architecture this building is sure to leave an impression.

This picture is taken in view from Sullivan Street in downtown Miami, Ariz.

Holy Angels

While we are on the subject of churches we could not leave this article without discussing Holy Angels. Just a short drive down the road you can find this catholic church on Broad Street in Downtown Globe. Religious or not one must enjoy the beauty of these modern day desert missions. With Thanksgiving just around the corner you can also check with the church office at Holy Angels about their holiday food drive.

This photo was taken from the old train depot just across Broad Street from the old church.
This photo was taken from the old train depot just across Broad Street from the old church.

Veterans Day

In honor of all men and women who have served in the Armed Services, Thank You. Many have lost their lived and loved ones defending the freedom of the American People. Today we thank those who have served and remember those who gave their lives.





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