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O’Halleran Votes Against Cuts to Medicare and Social Security

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) voted against a Constitutional amendment that would make draconian cuts to Social Security and Medicare and harm Arizonans.

“Our national debt has been on the rise year after year, but rather than focusing on commonsense solutions to bring it down, Congress has wasted valuable time playing partisan political games. While this balanced budget amendment may sound good in stump speeches, in reality, it will devastate rural communities and harm Arizona seniors, veterans, and families who rely on their Social Security check every month or their Medicare and Medicaid for life-saving health and financial security.

“This political stunt paints a thin veneer of fiscal responsibility over reckless spending that has saddled our children with trillions more in debt. Now that this is behind us, it is my hope that Congressional leaders will actually bring us together to tackle the issue before we dig this money pit any deeper for the next generation of Americans. I’m a proud co-sponsor of Congresswoman Murphy’s smarter Balanced Budget Amendment (H.J.Res. 107), which specifically protects Medicare and Social Security.”

The balanced budget amendment failed to receive the necessary two-thirds supermajority vote for passage.

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