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O’Halleran and Sanchez meet voters in Globe-Miami

Congressman Tom O'Halleran and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez met with voters at Bullion Plaza Museum in Miami, Az on Saturday. Courtesy Photo

MIAMI – This past Saturday, Congressman Tom O’Halleran and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (CA-38) met with the Democrats of the Cobre Valley in Miami to discuss issues important to voters in rural Arizona. In a wide-ranging discussion, voters of Gila County stressed the importance of economic development in rural areas, investing in infrastructure and job training, as well as making sure our veterans and senior citizens have the support they need.

“Rural communities like Globe and Miami are the backbone, not only of Arizona, but of our entire country. Partisan bickering in Congress has led these areas to struggle as we try and adapt to the modern economy,” said Congressman O’Halleran. “As Members of Congress, we need to be able to come together to effectively serve these communities to help them grow and prosper. Earlier this year we were able to secure crucial funding for rural Arizona in the omnibus spending bill. Continuing to invest in broadband infrastructure, job training and retraining, expanding the benefits our veterans receive, and protecting Social Security and Medicare for our seniors is critical in making sure we can thrive into the future.”

“Tom O’Halleran is working hard every day for rural Arizona and rural America,” said Congresswoman Sanchez. “Whether I am visiting your communities or working with him in Congress, I see him hard at work and laser-focused on growing our nation’s economy and creating jobs that support our families. Arizonans have a dedicated public servant in Tom, and I am proud to work with him to invest in our infrastructure, protect Social Security and Medicare from cuts, and prepare the next generation of workers for 21st century jobs.”

Tom O’Halleran currently represents Arizona’s First Congressional District in Congress, where he fights to get rural communities the support they deserve. Tom’s priorities are protecting Arizona families’ access to affordable healthcare, investing in rural infrastructure, and upholding our nation’s commitment to our veterans. He has been a strong voice for ethics and accountability, both in cracking down on perks for Members of Congress, and insisting the Administration abide by the law and ethical rules in spending and other actions. A resident of the Sedona area for over 20 years, Tom has committed his life to public service, working as a police officer, homicide detective and legislator focused on serving his constituents.


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