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Motor Vehicle announces changes to getting license plates and documents


The new year will usher in a new way for customers to get license plates, registration tabs and many documents such as vehicle titles.

Beginning in January, customers will receive these items through the U.S. Mail and will no longer be able to obtain them at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

All registration documents and license plate tabs, including those issued today at MVD self-service kiosks, will be mailed. When customers renew, their record is updated instantly and a receipt will be proof of registration.

For customers getting a license plate, the change will also mean the plate number will be entered into the customer’s service file and the temporary plate issued at the office will have the same number as the permanent plate being mailed.

Customers who purchase Off-Highway Vehicle decals the same day they plan to use them at a recreational area will not receive the decal at the office, but will get a receipt that should be kept with them to prove the decals have been purchased. 

In the future, more vehicle titles will transition to an electronic process. Currently, a limited number of title transfers such as one-owner to one-owner transfers of Arizona-registered vehicles can already be done entirely online through AZ MVD Now, which is available through ServiceArizona.com.


December is full of traditions, but one you may not know about is that customer traffic at MVD offices tends to slow down a bit. That means now is a great time to consider getting your AZ Travel ID. Make an appointment at www.servicearizona.com, or drop in.  Also, many Authorized Third Party providers offer the AZ Travel ID. For information on hours and locations, go here: https://azdot.gov/motor-vehicles/mvd-hours-and-locations.

Remember, on Oct. 1, 2020, new federal ID rules take effect at airport security checkpoints. The AZ Travel ID is the easiest and most cost-effective ID that will get you through TSA security so you don’t miss your flight. You can start the application process here: www.aztravelid.com.


Did you know that nearly four million Arizonans have signed up to be organ or tissue donors through Donor Network of Arizona? If you would like an organ and tissue donor designation—DONOR—on your driver license or identification card, please check the appropriate box on your Driver License/Identification Card Application(link is external) or when ordering a duplicate driver license / identification card on ServiceArizona.com. Thank you!

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