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Mayor’s Letter: January

*Globe Mayor Gameros monthly letter

As we come to the end of 2020, this may be a year that we may not want to remember.  Covid-19 has consumed our lives with sacrifices, fear, anxiety, and the unknown.  It has taken away that direct human connection that we are so used to as humans.  Many of our friends and family have suffered through the symptoms of this virus and some are no longer with us.  Our city staff has also been hit hard with numerous positive cases.  Under the direction of our Internal City Covid Team, they have navigated through these difficult times with policies, guidelines, and recommendations that has allowed us to continue to provide the necessary city services without interruption.     


The end of 2020 also marks the end of my first four-year term as Mayor.  I have had the privilege of working with a Council that is progressive and forward thinking for the prosperity of our community.  We had many challenges to deal with and tough decisions to make, but we also had many accomplishments to be proud of.  We have an amazing staff that continues to move forward with our city’s Strategic Action Plan and works hard to provide excellent services to all of our residents.  The upgrading of our aging infrastructure has been a priority to our economic development plan.  Prior to Covid, there was a tremendous amount of momentum and work put forward to help build the foundation of the economic future of our city.  We have established relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders in our community, the region, and the state to help move projects forward.  

2020 has made us more thankful for family, friends, health, and the small things in life.  We have had to rely on our faith, our resiliency, and each other to keep us going.  Our business community has struggled to stay open, but they have shown their determination to continue to survive.  Even through Covid we have been able to complete annexation for an anticipated 95 home development, purchase property for a future state of the art fire station, and help move forward the Copper Creek project at the Hollis Drive-In property that will bring additional housing, rental accommodations, and retail to that location.

As we look forward to 2021, there is an anticipation that the vaccines will help us to slow the spread of this virus and help us manage it so we can get back to some type of normal life.  But we still have a way to go and cannot let our guard down now.  Our numbers are continuing to rise in our state and our community.  We still need to be responsible and take all the necessary precautions by following all the guidelines of the scientists so we protect each other and at the same time keep our economy going.   As we look forward to 2021, let us practice kindness, respect for each other, and unity.  May we anticipate the new year with Joy in our hearts.  Joy leads us to a mindset of resiliency of hope and possibility.  May God bless our community with health and prosperity in 2021.  


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