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Historic Downtown Globe on a Sunday morning. Photo by LCGross

Mayor’s Monthly Report December 2022


Council approved a contract agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates in the amount of $58,197.00 to complete a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for sewer expansion to the North-East Corridor and upgrade A+ effluent quality services at our wastewater sewer treatment plant. Our growth area is limited with very little private land available. The northeast corridor on Highway 60 going north is our best option for growth and partnerships for the future.


The final paperwork was approved, and all documents were signed to move forward with the city’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). This grant is for $179,878.92, which will be used for additional upgrades to the Veteran’s Park Improvement Project. The next step will be to go out for bids and procurement.


Council approved a contract with Apache Underground for the Globe Community Center sewer line replacement project in the amount of $1,262,639.00. This project consists of the installation of sewer line from the Community Center down to Jess Hayes Road that will connect into the current City put on city sewer and get them off septic tanks. This project will also provide the opportunity for resident hookups that are in the path of the new line installation.


On November 8th, an update was presented on the Hill Street School project, a $21 million project for senior affordable housing with 64 units. According to the Gorman Company representative, the project is moving forward according to the time frame. They are in the permitting process with the construction drawings at 50% completed with submission for approval in January of 2023. The date for the final closing is estimated in May of 2023 and then construction will begin in June. It will take approximately 18 months to complete construction for an anticipated opening date of last quarter of 2024.


Council unanimously approved Resolution 1867 that will increase the Mayor and Council annual compensation, but will not take effect until January of 2025. It is unlawful for a sitting Council to increase compensation during their term, but may approve the increases for future Council. The City of Globe has not increased compensation in over 20 years for Council members. This resolution increases the Mayor’s annual salary from $6,000.00 to $10,800.00 and Council members annual salary will increase from $3,600.00 to $6,000.00.


On November 22nd, Council heard a presentation on the pool update. At that date, the liner was being installed which is one of the final phases before the pool can be filled with water. The tentative date for the completion of the liner installation is around December 16th. It is anticipated that they will begin to fill the pool sometime around the end of December. The Pavilion walls and the entry building are also in the final phases of completion. We want to thank our community for your patience in getting this project completed. The delay has been beyond our control because of supply and demand. We look forward to the completion of this project for our entire community to enjoy in the future.


At the November 22nd meeting, Council approved a contract with Meridian Engineering Company for the replacement of the Upper Pinal Creek Bridge (Connie’s Bridge). The total cost for the this project is $5,594,610.00. Construction will begin in January of 2023 with a completion date of of 2023.


City Council heard an initial presentation on the Globe water supply currently being used and any future usage. The City of Globe is not affected by the restrictions being implemented by Central Arizona Project (CAP) and the receding levels of the Colorado River. Our city depends on its water supply from the Cutter Basin Aquifer and the Gila Conglomerate Aquifer. Although we are not affected by CAP, we must take proactive steps now to maintain an adequate supply of water for the

The City of Globe has been participating in the Cobre Valley Wastershed meetings and discussions for the past several years under a grant from the University of Arizona. This group are vested stakeholders that worked together to create a Watershed Restoration and Action Plan that was released in February of 2022. This document can be reviewed at https://cobrevalleywp.org/watershedaction-plan.org

Some of the actions that our city will consider for the future are to improve our system efficiency by maintaining and improving our water distribution system, increase efficiency of pumps and wells, and improve our leak detection strategies. Other considerations are to reduce consumption by updating our city building codes, review retention requirements, education with voluntary compliance, and seek funding for city wide water conservation assistance. We will continue to work on several ideas with all stakeholders in our community such as the mines and the US Forest Service to help diversify supply and recharge or recapture flood waters downstream that will have future long term effects.


At the November 8th meeting, Council presented certificates and shirts for the third annual Citizens Academy participants. This program has been very beneficial to our city and residents as they learn more about the daily operations and processes. We want to thank the following individuals for their completion and commitment to the program. Mickey Nye, Frank Baroldy, Crystal Corral, Phil Stewart, Danielle Madden, Grace Whalen, Anthony Martinez, Janell Rhodes, James Owens, Travis Edwards, Sarah Alexander, and Brenda Blaine.


The “First Friday” events continue to grow each month with more participation from downtown businesses, vendors, and cruisers. Everyone is invited to participate in the downtown cruise that begins at 5 pm. We invite all the community to come downtown and support the participating businesses, enjoy live music, food trucks, and vendors. Anyone wishing to set up a vendor booth during any First Friday event may do so at no cost by contacting Linda Oddonetto. Our next First Friday is scheduled for January 6th, 2023.

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