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Mayor Besich and 8 other Mayors ask Governor Ducey to issue Stay-At-Home order

March 30, 2020

Dear Governor Ducey:

In acknowledgement of recent empirical findings that support social distancing as an effective mechanism by which to slow the spread of COVID-19, we as mayors representing millions of vulnerable Arizonans fervently urge Governor Ducey to issue a Stay-At-Home order for the state. We understand that public health officials in Arizona have already recommended the Governor issue a Stay-At-Home Arizona order immediately and we would like to know why the Governor has not followed that recommendation.

Arizona must not squander the opportunity to learn from the unfolding events in our sister states and immediately formalize a statewide Stay-At-Home order to ensure that we pursue every avenue to #flattenthecurve of this devastating pandemic.

Twenty-eight other states that represent more than 50% of the American constituency, have already officially urged everyone to stay home. The ever-increasing numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths serve as a stark indicator of what is to come if we do not take action now.

Throughout our State’s history, Arizonans have stepped up to help one another through difficult times. We cannot emphasize enough that staying home is one of the best ways to continue that tradition. All Arizonans must help stop the spread by modeling social responsibility and caution for our communities.

The only way at this moment in time to save lives is to stay at home and #flattenthecurve. Empower Arizona!



Mayor Anna Tovar Mayor Alexis Hermosillo

City of Tolleson City of El Mirage


Mayor Coral Evans Mayor Kate Gallego

City of Flagstaff City of Phoenix


Mayor Ginny Dickey Mayor Regina Romero

Town of Fountain Hills City of Tucson


Mayor Valerie Molina Mayor Thomas L. McCauley

Town of Guadalupe City of Winslow


Mayor Alexis Hermisillo

City of El Mirage


Mayor Kate Gallego

City of Phoenix


Mayor Regina Romero

City of Tucson


Mayor Thomas L. McCauley

City of Winslow


Mila Besich

Town of Superior

“Our rural communities, do not have enough EMS or healthcare resources to manage the realities of the COVID-19 virus. We ask the Governor to act with urgency to protect all Arizonans.” -Mayor Mila Besich

note: this post has bee updated to accurately reflect all 9 Mayors (instead of 5 as originally posted) 

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