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Gillian Flynn, author. This is her third novel.

Marriage can be a real killer

Our pick of the week is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn which has been on the New York Book best seller list for 72 weeks.

It has been called the “Thriller of the Year” and we warn you, it is a page turner you won’t beable to put down once you start. 

Marriage is viewed as a life-long commitment; “until death do them part” it is often said.  For some couples it takes many years and in the case of Nick and Amy Dunne’s marriage, it only takes five.   Gone Girl opens with the five year wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy who on the surface seem like the perfect couple.   The preparation to celebrate their anniversary does not go as planned when Nick discovers Amy is missing from their home along the Mississippi River.  Things become even worse for Nick when he becomes a primary suspect in his wife’s disappearance and it is revealed that their marriage was anything but happy.

Did Nick have anything to do with it?  Was Amy afraid of him at the time of her disappearance?  Why are there odd search results on Nick’s computer?  This is a psychological suspense thriller that keeps the reader guessing with its many twists and turns.

Gone Girl is one of the best—and most frightening—portraits of psychopathy I’ve ever read.

Tana French

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
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