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Levi Lertique, 67

Levi Lertique passed away over Memorial Day Weekend at the age of 67 of a heart attack. Lertique grew up in Miami, and then left for college and a career, which took him to San Diego for over thirty years where he married, had children and worked as a physicist. He moved back to Globe-Miami recently to take care of a family member, and he returned to his first love — ranching — and purchased a horse he named Flash.

He was a familiar face at Globe Public Library, where he had initially volunteered to work, and was later put on the payroll. He was a striking character with his western wear, and he often wore his hat as well at the library.  He had a ready smile for everyone, and found true happiness being back in the saddle riding under the desert skies he grew up enjoying as a child.

He was well read and extremely well-versed in movies and movie-lore. He loved to help patrons pick out a good movie or discover a new book.

Services were Thursday, at 11 a.m. at Miles Funeral Home in Globe.

Levi is survived by his companion, Mary Testa, of Globe, AZ; daughters Roxanne Gill, of San Diego, CA; Giselle (Mike)  Becker, of Globe, AZ; Ursela (Tim) Radkumar of San Diego, CA; brothers Bob Jame Lertique, of Globe, AZ, Daniel Lertique, of Mesa, AZ, and Mark (Amy) Lertique, of Queen Creek, AZ; sisters Sue (Neil) Mitchell, of Globe, AZ, Linda Alcaraz, of Phoenix, AZ; 13 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.



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  1. Michelle Grimes

    My deepest sympathy to Mr. Lertique’s family and friends. My daughter and I were at the library 2 weeks ago “renting books” as she calls it and she asked him if we could live on mars, He said, so serious, We do live on mars!! What a wonderful sense of humor he had. Just yesterday we took flowers to my Mother at the cemetery and she asked her usual 4 year old questions. One being, “On your way to heaven Mommy can you stop by the planets and stars”? I told her “I didn’t see why not”! We will soon be returning our books and I know she will ask where the Library man is? I will tell her, “He had to go to heaven”. I smile knowing she will say with bright eyes, “I bet he stops at Mars!” Mr. Lertique made a Wonderful impression on me and my daughter, and I am forever grateful for that!! He will be greatly missed!!

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