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January 2024 – This list is compiled from the records of both Lamont Mortuary and Bulman Miles Funeral Home for deaths in Globe and Miami. Obituaries have been edited. Complete details can be found at: (LM: Lamont Mortuary, BF: Bulman Miles Funeral Home)

CLARA JUNE KISHBAUGH, January 25, 1936 – January 31, 2024, age 88, passed away. A longtime resident of Dripping Springs, she drove a school bus for Ray Unified School District for 25 years. She was originally from Ada, Oklahoma. (BM)

TONY ESCANDON NAVARRO, July 13, 1944 – January 31, 2024, age 79, of Tempe, passed away. Tony worked at APS as a quality control specialist at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station for over 30 years. (BM)

DARLENE (DOLLY) SWINDLER, February 3, 1944 – January 30, 2024, age 79, of Roosevelt, passed away at CVRMC. Dolly was originally from Eufaula, Oklahoma. (LM)

SIMON SANTA MARIA CANISALES, October 15, 1972 – January 28, 2024, age 51, passed away at his home. (LM)

LOUISE GILLOCK, September 11, 1929 – January 23, 2024, age 94, passed away. Louise was born in Globe. She worked as a cook at Blackie’s (later the Drift Inn), and as a waitress at the Seneca truck stop, the Canyon Inn at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon, and in the kitchen at Gila General Hospital. (BM)

GEORGE ARAGON NORIEGA, December 6, 1930 – January 23, 2024, age 93, of Superior, passed away at his home. He retired from Kennecott Copper after 43 years of service, and then worked for ASARCO for another 12 years before fully retiring. (BM)

ANTONIO RAMIREZ BENAVIDES, January 7, 1958 – January 23, 2024, age 66, passed away. Tony was originally from El Paso, Texas. (BM)

ILANA KYLE DEAN, July 30, 1987 – January 23, 2024, age 36, of Florence, passed away at her home. (LM)

KAREN L. FLORES, December 30, 1951 – January 21, 2024, age 72, of Globe, passed away at her home. (LM)

RAYMOND DARRELL EARVEN, March 27, 1951 – January 20, 2024, age 72, passed away. Ray worked as an underground copper miner, truck driver, Reserved Deputy, and EMT, before opening Action Towing in 1999. (LM)

JAMES LEONARD MOWREY, May 30, 1951 – January 20, 2024, age 72, passed away. James was originally from Commerce, Oklahoma. He worked at the Inspiration Mine and was known around town as the “Volkswagen guy.” (BM)

CORNELIA BUSH, September 2, 1960 – January 20, 2024, age 63, of San Carlos, passed away in Globe. She worked as a seasonal crew boss for Southwest Forestry, as a housekeeper for Copper Mountain Inn and a cook at Point of Pines. (LM)

MARIA MONSTERRAT PEREZ FERNANDEZ, April 2, 1937 – January 18, 2024, age 87, passed away. Mary was a teacher who retired from the Superior School District after 32 years of teaching and substituting. (BM)

RAYMOND JOE DILLON, July 29, 1962 – January 18, 2024, age 61, of Camp Verde, passed away at his home. Raymond worked for the Tribal Government in the Environmental Dept. (LM)

LUCRETIA ANN TOSCANO, March 24, 1948 – January 17, 2024, age 75, of Miami, passed away at her home. (LM)

SAMPSON BROWN, June 2, 1957 – January 17, 2024, age 66, of San Carlos, passed away at Banner University in Phoenix.. He worked as an auto mechanic. (LM)

PHYLLIS MARIE SPRAGUE, July 6, 1943 – January 16, 2024, age 80, of Globe, passed away at Haven Health Care in Globe. She was originally from Newbury, Vermont. (LM)

TROY WAYNE CURBEY, May 4, 1951 – January 14, 2024, age 72, of Miami, passed away at his home. Troy retired as a maintenance supervisor in the acid plant at Freeport McMoRan. He also worked from Phelps Dodge, Hanna Nickel Mine, and various contractors for Freeport. He served in the Army from 1971 to 1977. (LM)

JUAN LUIS ARTIACH, July 3, 1949 – January 13, 2024, age 74, passed away in Phoenix. Juan was originally from Spain. (LM)

JANICE SUE BOONE, July 23, 1963 – January 13, 2024, age 60, of Peridot, passed away in Tucson. Janice was born in San Carlos but lived for 10 years in Tuba City. (LM)

ADOLFO M. SANCHEZ, July 27, 1942 – January 12, 2024, age 81, of Mammoth, passed away. Adolfo worked for Kennecott/ASARCO for 32 years. (BM)

CHARLES TERRANCE SCHILLI, January 7, 1944 – January 12, 2024, age 80, passed away. (BM)

MICHAEL EDWARD GENTSCH, July 1, 1952 – January 7, 2024, age 71, of Globe, passed away at his home. Michael worked as a carpenter and proudly served as a US Navy SEAL for 30 years. He once walked a one-eyed mule named Buford across the state of Oregon. (LM)

MARCELLA OTON, October 4, 1961 – January 7, 2024, age 62, passed away. (BM)

JOHN CHRISTOPHER CASILLAS, July 29, 1968 – January 3, 2024, age 55, of Globe, passed away at CVRMC. (LM)

ROBERT FRANK PLEW, June 17, 1946 – January 1, 2024, age 77, passed away at his home. Bob worked at Cities Service, then transferred to BHP Copper when Pinto Valley Mine opened and worked there until he retired. He was a Vietnam-era veteran. (LM)

NIKKI MARIA WAMPOLE, August 9, 1990 – January 1, 2024, age 33, passed away due to complications from epilepsy. Nikkii was a talented artist across multiple mediums. (LM)

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