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GUSD Science and Engineering Fair 2014 Thank You

GLOBE, Ariz. – The Globe Unified School District (GUSD) Science and Engineering Fair (SEF) was held on Friday, January 31st in the High Desert Middle School Gymnasium and Auditorium.  Competing for the opportunity to advance to the regional level were over 190 entries, the largest in the three year fair history. 

37 student projects were awarded 1st place to become eligible for the regional competition, held on Wednesday, February 26th at the Bullion Plaza in Miami, with 21 students participating.  7 GUSD students submitted winning entries to be invited to the state level event held between March 31- April 2 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Students competed in three separate divisions, Senior – grades 9-12, Junior – grades 7 & 8, and Elementary – grades 5 & 6.  Senior division had the opportunity to choose projects from 15 distinct Science and Engineering categories.  Junior and Elementary divisions chose from a slightly smaller base of 11 categories within the same field.  Students from Grades K-4 were invited to the GUSD event with exhibit only entries.  Though not judged, each participant received a medal and certificate of participation.  The desire being to create students engaging in science from the start of their academic careers, instilling a sense of relevancy in their daily lives while encouraging their curiosity and sense of inquiry.

The students from the Globe Unified School District that competed in this year’s Arizona Science and Engineering Fair were Bethanie Hudson (GHS), Liam Rama (GHS), Taylor Wilson (7th HDMS), Nancy Phillips (6th HDMS), Blayze Vanta (6th HDMS), and the team of Kaitlyn Attaway with Jasmine Burnett (5th HDMS).  Taylor Wilson won 3rd place in her category of Environmental Sciences with her ‘Straw Bale vs. Traditional Insulation’ Junior Division project.  All students competing at the state level are minimally awarded a 4th place prize for their entry.  The ISEF program appreciates the hard work, dedication and commitment all students must devote to their projects in order to attain a nomination to compete at the state level.  1st place senior division competitors are eligible to advance to the international event, scheduled this year in Los Angeles, during the middle of this coming May.  Senior division entries are also eligible for individual corporate scholarships, internships and grants.  It is critical for students to begin competing at a young age in order to hone their skills in this arena.  The opportunities afforded the senior division students are well worth the effort for students inclined to pursue post-secondary education and careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) focus fields.  For more information about the INTEL SEF program, please visit, https://student.societyforscience.org.

The Globe Unified School District is so appreciative of all the support granted to the INTEL SEF program in our community.  The Freeport McMoRan Community Giving Fund annually donates several thousands of dollars within our region affording our students the ability to compete in this rigorously challenging series.  In addition, they offer their valued employees the opportunity to connect with the students by being volunteer mentors, event judges and consultants.  Our students would not have the multiple arrays of STEM programs, projects and competitions available to them without this continued open-handedness!  The Globe / Miami region is known for its civic mindedness.  There are so many wonderfully generous people in our community that are always available to assist students in academic pursuits.

We would like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for their help and support during this season of Science Fair:

Robin Horta, Kelly Shaw, Matt Rencher, Lucian Farmer, Pearl Nancarrow, Sharon Listiak, Kayla VanCleve, Judy and Sam Moorhead, Jenn Walker, Sabrina Tuttle, Bill Willis, Greg Anderson, Christine Shin, Jonathan Skelton, Andy Casillas, Jacque Griffin, Dakota Cline, Andrew Moser, Robert Sharette, Debbbie and Lenny Leverance, Fernando Shipley, Greg Gotto, Rick Reitz and Brent Billingsley, Jerry Jennex, Lori Rodriguez, Jennifer Kinnard, Carol Dalmolin, Stephen Estatico, Holly Sow, Anndee Vanta, Allen Phillips, Chris Attaway, Beverly Mayfield, and Shelton Amerman.  We offer our heartfelt appreciation for all you do to serve our entire community as well as our students.


The following students earned 1st place in the 2014 GUSD Science and Engineering Fair to go on to the Gila County Science and Engineering Fair:


Globe High School – Senior Division

Behavioral & Social Sciences: 1st Juan Ciar, and Bethanie Hudson

Cellular & Molecular Biology: 1st Grace Bruce

Chemistry: 1st Kelsey Jensen,

Engineering: 1st Kyria Bracco

Medicine & Health Sciences: 1st Matt Haro

Microbiology (senior division only): 1st  Breanna Boutwell,

Physics & Astronomy: 1st Liam Rama,



High Desert Middle School

Junior Division:

Animal Sciences: 1st Akala Hatch & Camille Hudson,

Behavioral & Social Sciences: 1st Jakob Irish, Theo Reyes & Hunter Carnahan

Chemistry: 1st (tie) Lucrecia Carbajal, Stephanie Burke, & Ashley Lopez #2 1st Jayden Grice

Engineering: 1st Shantell Nasewytewa & Takeena Francisco

Environmental Sciences: 1st Taylor Wilson

Medicine & Health: 1st Jonathan Oldham

Physics & Astronomy: 1st Cholo Ciar

Elementary Division:

Behavioral & Social Sciences: 1st Nancy Phillips

Chemistry: 1st Jeremiah Tsosie

Engineering: 1st Blayze Vanta

Environmental Sciences: 1st Kaitlynn Attaway & Jasmine Burnett

Medicine & Health Sciences: 1st Bayleigh Tulk

Physics & Astronomy: 1st Desmond Cheney Smith

Plant Sciences: 1st Rebekah Zuidema & Ruben Garcia


The following students medaled at the Gila County Science and Engineering Fair (SEF) with first place winners moving on to the Arizona SEF:

Senior Division:

Matthew Haro – 2nd  ‘Prints’ – Medicine and Health Category

Kyria Bracco – 3rd ‘Solar Powered Well Being’ – Engineering

Bethanie Hudson – 1st ‘ The Authority Behind a ‘Do Not Touch’ Sign’ – Behavioral & Social Sciences

Liam Rama – 1st ‘A Sticky Situation’  – Physics & Astronomy

Kelsey Jensen – 2nd ‘Homemade Polarimeter’ – Chemistry

Grace Bruce – 2nd ‘Does Mint Really Cool Things Down’ – Cellular & Molecular Bio.

Breanna Boutwell – 2nd ‘How Well Do Disinfectants Work?’ – Microbiology

Junior and Elemenary Divisions:

Bayleigh Tulk – 2nd Place – ‘The Effects of Chewing Tobacco’, Medicine and Health, Elementary Division

Rebekah Zuidema & Ruben Garcia – 3rd Place – ‘Does Mold Grow on Fruit’, Plant Sciences, Elementary Division

Kaitlynn Attaway & Jasmine Burnett – 1st Place – ‘Evaporation’, Environmental Science, Elementary Division (invited to the State SEF)

Blayze Vanta – 1st Place – ‘Testing Strengths of Different Battery Brands’, Engineering, Elementary Division (invited to the State SEF)

Nancy Phillips – 1st Place – ‘Apple Slices’, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Elementary Division (invited to the SEF)

Stephanie Burke – participant, ‘’How Does Shampoo Work’, Chemistry, Junior Division

Jakob Irish, Theo Reyes, & Hunter Carnahan – participant, ‘Studying with Music’, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Junior Division

Taylor Wilson – 1st Place, ‘Straw Bale – vs. Insulation’, Environmental Sciences, Junior Division (invited to the SEF)

Camille Hudson & Akala Hatch –3rd Place, ‘Rainbow Ants’, Animal Sciences, Junior Division




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