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GUSD Parents asked to weigh in on future priorities by Jan. 6th.

The Globe Unified School District (GUSD) is asking parents to fill out surveys on a range of issues which will ultimately affect what areas will receive focus in the coming school year. 

There are three separate surveys:  Globe High School,  Copper Rim Elementary and Parent-School Improvements.

The 6 areas are being reviewed include: Leadership, Teachers & Instruction, Curriculum, Effective Organization of Time, Culture/Climate, and Family/Community. 

The questions are specifically broad so that parents have an opportunity to weigh in on theses issues and how they see them affecting their children and what they (the parents) would like to see from the education system.  

Don’t miss this chance to weigh in on the issues in education that you feel are affecting your child’s performance and future. Please follow these links to fill out the surveys.  

1GHS Parent School Improvement Survey               shorturl.at/brNW5

2Copper Rim Parent School Improvement Survey             shorturl.at/arLP6

3High Desert Middle Parent School Improvement Survey shorturl.at/adgmx

Deadline is January 6th.  


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