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Globe-San Carlos Sports

Senior Carter Pollock plays the ball forward for the Tigers. Photos by Tory Satter

Globe Boys Varsity Soccer

Senior Carter Pollock plays the ball forward for the Tigers.


Junior Joshua Barnes dribbles through the defense to score one of the Tigers’ goals. The Tigers beat Santa Rita 20-0.


Senior Levi Robison crosses the ball against the Santa Rita Eagles.


Globe Girls Varsity Basketball

Sophomore Audreanna Carlyle shoots from the paint for the Lady Tigers.


Senior Myranda Patten found herself at the free throw line multiple times against Valley Christian.


Sophomore Tanyka Cepress dribbles through the Trojans defense.

San Carlos Girls Varsity Basketball

Junior Ellysia Cutter with the flawless layup for 2 points. The Lady Braves opened the season with a 61-28 win over Morenci.


Senior Jenessa Victor shoots from outside for the Lady Braves.


Sophomore Anaya Juan drives through the blanketing defense of the Morenci Wildcats.



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