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Globe Mayor updates include Rural Policy Forum


The Haunted Jail
Construction has begun this week for the haunted house event that will run from September 28th until October 31st. The old 1910 jail on Oak Street will be used at the entry way and then will extend into the alley way behind the Center For The Arts. The alley way will remain closed for the entire time.

Rural Policy Forum
Some Council and staff attended the Rural Policy Forum that was held in Safford on August 9th through 11th. There were various presentations
on similar issues that affect rural cities throughout Arizona. All rural cities need to think of regionalism and collaboration as we work at elevating our communities to the next level. We are currently working on a branding and a marketing study for our city.

League of Cities and Towns Conference
Some Council and Staff attended the League of Cities and Towns Conference held in Tucson on August 22nd through 25th. Elected officials from all ninety-one cities in Arizona are represented at the conference. The conference provides various educational sessions and networking opportunities for elected officials to be part of. As part of the conference, the Resolution Committee met that consists of all ninety-one Mayors that vote on resolutions that will be presented in the Legislature this year. Our showcase booth was a hugh success as it displayed future events in our community and a display of painted rocks. The theme was “GLOBE ROCKS”.

Arizona Creative Community Grant
Our Globe Team that consists of Linda Oddonetto, Paul Tunis, Tiera Guerrena, and myself attended our first training session on August 25 and 26 in Phoenix. Presentations consisted of art, culture, and history to help the nine cities represented develop a project for their community. We will be setting up meetings with various individuals in our community to help us develop a plan and choose an artist that will be part of our team before our next training session in November. Our task for our team is to develop a project that will showcase and communicate our values and history of our city through some type of art.

Thrills in Copper Hills Softball Tournament
The City of Globe and the Arizona National Softball Association hosted the first girls softball tournament on August 26th and 27th. The first tournament was small but very successful. The next tournament is currently being planned for December. We want to thank the following individuals that helped with the tournament throughout the weekend. From our Public Works Department, Tristian Harris, Ed Johnston, and Joseph Gonzales. Special thanks to John Angulo for coordinating the preparation of the fields, Michelle Yerkovich for helping with logistics, Brian and Cecilie Hudson for making sure the tournament went smoothly.

Get Involved
A reminder that our council meetings are the second and third Tuesdays of the month. As a resident, plan to attend the meetings to get informed of all the great things that are going on in our community.

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