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Globe Mayor Gameros issues letter to business community

To all Globe Businesses Owners: 

On behalf of myself and the City of Globe, welcome back to our business community members that can open under the Governor’s Executive Order.

This new order allows our Retail Stores, Salons, Barber Shops to open on May 8th and Restaurants to open on May 11th with restrictions and following the CDC guidelines. 

It is important to understand that we must be smart, safe, and responsible as we open our business community to decrease the chances of a spike in cases. Now is not the time to let our guard down, as we know that this virus is still active in our state with an upward trend on positive cases and deaths.

The opening of all businesses will be a slow process with a continued evaluation as we attempt to get back to a new normal way of living with respect and consideration for others. Retail Stores, Salons, Barbers, and Restaurants will need to develop operational guidelines that will include: 6 feet social distancing, a regular disinfecting process, good hygiene practices, wearing of masks when near employees and customers, and an employee stay at home policy if you are sick. 

We are truly a caring community mainly because we know each other and grew up together.

Continue to be safe as we begin a new phase to open Arizona. We look for future guidance from the Governor’s office on anticipated dates to re-open gyms, theaters, and bars. Please continue to be patient with the process as we navigate the unknown.

Know that your City is there with you to support all your efforts. Our focus now as a City is to assist our local businesses to navigate the transition back into normal business operations, with the priority being the health and well-being of our community. You can contact me at any time if you should have questions or concerns at: 928-200-2626.

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