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Gila County Earns National Achievement Award for Discover Gila County – Explore The Wild Multi-Faceted Marketing Program

Gila County – Discover Gila County, Inc has been recognized with an Achievement Award
from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor innovative, effective
county government programs that strengthen services for residents.
About the Program: Discover Gila County is a multi-faceted marketing program created by
Gila County and launched in 2019 to increase tourism and economic development in Gila
County, Arizona.

True to its goals, the program has created a consistent brand for the county,
increased awareness, and driven traffic and promotion that has enhanced the region’s economic vitality. The initiative showcases the region’s natural attractions, history, heritage, and culture, with a state-of-the-art 500-page website (www.discovergilacounty.com) and social media platforms that allow adventure seekers to share their experiences. The program advances diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities within the county, supporting all town’s and cities’ brands and propositions and highlighting connectivity and synergy across all

The program provides visitors with access to events, outdoor activities, and places to stay and where to eat. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, the program increased hotel, motel,and tourism sectors by 23% in 2020, making Gila County one of only two counties in Arizona to have increased tourism during this time. The program has created new jobs and stimulated eonomic growth, winning numerous awards, including the Governor’s Tourism Award for Best Marketing Program in the state in 2022, and recognition from many other state agencies. It is one of the fastest growing marketing programs in the state.

“Gila County stands as a mesmerizing gem among the world’s most stunning locales, and
through the remarkable efforts of Discover Gila County, we now possess a remarkable marketing platform to share our cherished knowledge and love for this region with the global community.

Being involved with Discover Gila County from its very inception brings us immense joy and pride. Heartfelt congratulations to all those individuals whose dedication and hard work made this extraordinary achievement possible!” – James Menlove, Gila County Manager

“We are deeply honored and filled with immense pride to receive national recognition for the
Discover Gila County Marketing program. It brings us great joy to see others acknowledging
what we have long believed—that Gila County is an extraordinary place blessed with remarkable people, abundant natural resources, unrivaled outdoor recreational opportunities, and world-class attractions. As the Project Lead and President of Razor Thin Media, LLC, along with my partner Chaz Davis and the entire Discover Gila County Board of Directors, we are thrilled to participate in this remarkable journey. – Cameron Davis

Each year, NACo’s Achievement Awards are given in 18 categories that reflect the vast,
comprehensive services counties provide. The categories include children and youth, criminal
justice and public safety, county administration, information technology, health, civic
engagement and more. Launched in 1970, the program is designed to recognize innovation in
county government. Each nominated program is judged on its merits and not against other applications.

“The Achievement Awards demonstrate excellence in county government and the commitment
to serve our residents every day,” said NACo President Denise Winfrey. “This year’s winners
represent some of the most innovative and collaborative efforts we have seen in over 50 years of presenting these awards.”

For more information about Discover Gila County visit here. 


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