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Gila County Farm Bureau Insurance Board
The new board: Front Row: Carol Ptak, Cassie Lyman, Tyler Dalmolin. Center Row: Joe Wilson, Therese Hicks, Frank DalMolin, Kim Oddonetto, Alfred Ellison. Back Row: Aimee Mundy-Ellison, Jill Wilson. Not Shown: Angie, Cole. Courtesy Photo

Gila County becomes 14th Farm Bureau Agency in the State

A group of Gila County ranchers made a bit of history this June when they formed a Farm Bureau in Gila County.  Of Arizona’s fifteen counties, Gila County becomes the 14th to form a Farm Bureau; a grassroots, volunteer-led farming and ranching advocacy organization. 

The group met in June and voted unanimously to form a Farm Bureau, electingrancher, Cassie Lyman as its first president.  Quoting from a John Michael Montgomery’s song, “Life’s a Dance” Lyman made the point that the newly formed group would ‘learn as they go.’

According to Kevin Rogers, President of the Arizona Farm Bureau,

the organization assists members tackle challenges faced by the agriculture industry  “from lobbying on county, state and national issues to discussions issues of profitability, property rights, labor, water, trade, farm policy, tax issues and environmental issues. “

A portion of all membership dollars collected from the Gila County farm Bureau Agency will stay in the county and will be used to preserve and improve the local agriculture industry through education, political activities, programs and services.

For more information call Cassie Lyman at

Board Members include: Cassie Lyman (President), Angie Newbold (Vice President), Tyler DalMolin (Secretary), Carol Ptak (Treasurer), Alfred Ellison (Director), Frank DalMolin (Director), Joe Wilson (Director), Kim Oddonetto (Director), YF&R (Cole Newbold), Womens’ Leadership Chair (Therese Hicks), and Ex-Officio members; Aimee Mundy-Ellison and Jill Wilson.  


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