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Fiddler Bill Bell returns to his roots in Miami

Fiddler and hometown boy, Bill Bell has returned to his roots in the Miami-Globe area to make a music video for his CD “Vicar’s Son.” The scenes from the music video have Bill walking along familiar terrain for anyone who has lived or visited this area. Some of the most haunting images show Bill playing his fiddle as storm clouds cross over the old Globe cemetery whose graves date back over one hundred years. Bill Bell will be one of the many artists who will be participating in the Miami Loco Artists walk this weekend, along with his wife, Gloria “Toti” Bell who is well recognized for her striking paintings revolving around the Day of the Dead.  The couple lives in California, but has a home in Miami.



  1. Bill and Gloria are a tremendous asset to the local community and talented artists in their own right. It’s wonderful to see Bill’s new music video which features the area. This will help spread the word about our community and generate interest in our area. Plus…it’s just a great video with fab music! Thanks Bill and Nikolas Duarte for producing something memorable for the Miami-Globe area.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this, born and raised in globe-miami😍

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