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Confusion surrounding Governor’s Stay-at-home order, prompts clarification from city.

(Globe AZ, March 31, 2020) On March 30, 2020, Governor Ducey issued executive Order 2020-18 ordering people to “limit their time away from their residency” in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Governor’s goal is to promote social distancing, limit social gatherings, and reduce non-essential travel.

This Executive Order has created confusion in the Globe/Southern Gila County region. Residents of Globe should understand that this is not a lockdown or a curfew for residents. Businesses that are deemed essential, like grocery stores and pharmacies, are unaffected. Non-essential businesses are allowed to continue to function as long as they do not have direct contact with customers. 


There are four key exceptions that allow residents to leave their homes:


  1. You can leave your home to participate in Essential Activities such as:
    1. Shopping for groceries and other important supplies for your family
    2. Seeking medical assistance for yourself, or to assist a family member, or friend
    3. Participating in outdoor activities while maintaining a safe distance from others
    4. Engaging in constitutional activities like freedom of speech or religion
  2. You can leave your home if your employment:
    1. Is related to providing Essential Functions such as healthcare, government, or utilities (see full list of Essential Functions below)
    2. Is with an Essential Business such as a grocery store, bank, or restaurant providing take-out (see full list of Essential Businesses below)
  3. You can leave your home to:
    1. Do business with any of the listed Essential Business, like a grocery or hardware store 
    2. Seek services from an Essential Function like healthcare or government services
  4. You can leave your home to work in your Non-Essential Business if the business is not open to the public and you do not have direct contact with customers

Globe Business owners who operate an Essential Business, employees who work in an Essential Business, or perform Essential Functions will see no change.

Globe business owners who are unsure if they operate an Essential Business are welcome to contact the City of Globe Economic Development Director, Linda Oddonetto at (928) 961-3382 and seek assistance in determining your status.

All individuals should maintain contact with your individual employers to determine your status and how this Executive Order impacts you. 

The City of Globe highly encourages all residents to voluntarily comply with Governor Ducey’s “Stay in Place” order. The City of Globe believes that our residents understand the importance of this and will do their best to support these community goals. In extreme cases, flagrant violators will be addressed.  

The goal of the City of Globe is to support our residents and businesses during these challenging times. We offer this information as our best understanding of the Governor’s order based on the information we have today. Please continue to seek additional information as it becomes available and make your best judgment based on the totality of information, the source of the information, and with consideration of the well-being of your family and community.


Attachment Below: City of Globe List of Essential Services and Essential Businesses:

List of Key Essential Services (will stay open) Source: EO 2020-12

  • Healthcare and Public Health Operations:
    • hospitals,
    • clinics,
    • dental offices,
    • pharmacies
    • public health entities, but not gyms or fitness centers
    • Veterinary and healthcare services for animals
  • Human Services Operations: 
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Residential facilities
    • Shelters
    • Human Services support businesses
  • Essential Infrastructure Operations:
    • Food production, distributions, and sale
    • Construction
    • Building and landscape management
    • Operation and maintenance of utilities, roads, highways, railroads and public transportation and solid waste activities;
    • Telecommunications systems
  • Essential Governmental Functions:
    • City, town and County services needed to ensure the continuing operation of the government agencies or to provide for or support the health, safety and welfare of the public
    • All public safety, courts, child protection services
    • Park facilities and maintenance
    • Contractors performing or supporting Essential Governmental Functions
    • Other governmental employees working for or to support Essential Businesses and Operations.

List of Key Essential Businesses and Operations (May stay open) Source: EO 2020-12

  • Stores that sell groceries and medicine
    • Grocery stores 
    • Pharmacies 
    • Farmers’ markets and produce stands 
    • Convenience stores 
  • Food, Beverage and Agriculture 
    • Food and beverage manufacturing 
    • Farming 
    • Production, processing and cultivation of livestock  
    • Fishing 
    • Baking 
    • Cultivation, marketing and distribution of animals for consumption 
    • Animal shelters 
    • Animal rescues 
    • Animal kennels 
    • Animal adoption facilities 
  • Outdoor Recreation Activities (Must allow for social distancing) 
    • Outdoor Recreation Areas 
    • Parks 
    • Trails
    • Golf Courses  
  • Organizations that Provide Charitable and Social Services 
    • Religious and Secular business and non-profits
    • Food Banks 
    • Shelters  
  • Newspapers Radio Stations 
  • Gas Stations, Auto-supply, Auto-repair shops 
  • Financial Institutions  
    • Banks 
    • Payday lenders 
    • Pawnbrokers 
    • Credit unions 
    • Appraisers 
    • Title companies 
  • Hardware and Supply Stores 
  • Critical Trades 
    • Plumbers 
    • Electricians 
    • Exterminators 
    • Cleaning and janitorial staff 
    • Security staff 
    • Operating engineers 
    • HVAC 
    • Painters 
    • Moving and Relocation services 
  • Mail, Post, Shipping, Logistics, Delivery and Pick-Up Services  
  • Laundromats 
  • Restaurants for consumption off-premises  
  • Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations 
  • Guns & ammunition retailers for safety and security
  • Public transportation and rental car
  • Home-based Care and Services
  • Residential Facilities and Shelters
  • Professional and Personal Services 
    • Lawyers 
    • Accountants 
    • Insurance providers 
    • Personal Hygiene Services 
  • Day Care Centers for Employees Exempted by the Executive Order 
  • Manufacture, Distribution and Supply Chain for Critical Products and Industries 
    • Pharmaceutical 
    • Technology 
    • Biotechnology 
    • Healthcare 
    • Chemicals and sanitization 
    • Waste pickup and disposal 
    • Agriculture 
    • Food and Beverage 
    • Transportation 
    • Energy
    • Steel and steel products 
    • Petroleum and fuel 
    • Mining 
    • Construction 
    • National defense 
    • Communications 
  • Hotels and Motels 
  • Funeral Services 


Paul Jepsen

Globe City Manager

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