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Comedy reigns in 3-part play to open May 3

Copper Cities Community Players present “The Coarse Acting Show,” starting Friday, May 3.

The Globe-Miami area will have the opportunity to enjoy “comedy at its best” when theater-goers will experience a unique set of circumstances put together by Michael Green, the author of the play, who wants to transport the audience to a church hall of a small town where a fundraiser is taking place to show how well-meaning and dedicated parishioners deal with the trials and tribulations of putting on a play.

The presentation is comprised of three one-act plays which cover mystery, drama and opera, all contributing to the comedic event.

The Old Courthouse Theater on the third floor of the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts will feature “parish members” like:

Miss Camille, who has the role of the maid in the opera, and is the innocent and well-loved kindergarten teacher who writes erotic romance novels under the pen name of Mona Del Rio; or

Florence “Flo” Meeters, who plays the prompter in “Streuth” and is in the midst of all bake sales, bingo, carwashes and other fundraisers, directs the teen choir and is editor of the church bulletin and can sometimes be found at the nearby casino; or

Rev. Edmund Peabody, who came to the area last year from Upper Sandusky. He enjoys helping with Edwina Marie’s (his sister) mail order “Fruitcakes for Any Occasion” business.

Beatrice Cartwright, who plays the triangle in the orchestra, is a founding member of the St. Sepulcher Opera Appreciation Society. She has been the administrative assistant to the general manager of the mines for the past 25 years.

Jules Stark, one of many huntsmen in “Il Fornicazione,” is normally a shy and soft-spoken man, but he becomes a more daring man when he wears his grandfather’s old “wife hunting” hat.

There are 21 actors participating in this production.

The plays are directed by David Rogers, Laura Stennerson and Jo Nell Brantley Thomas.

Tickets can be purchased in the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts. Shows are Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4, also on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10, starting at 7 p.m. There will also be a matinee on Saturday, May 11 to be shown in conjunction with the annual Mother’s Day Tea.

Call the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts at 425-0884 or also 425-8111 for more information.

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