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Casino touts continuous air disinfection system upon re-opening

San Carlos, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)—The San Carlos Apache Gaming Enterprise (SCAGE) has been anticipating its reopening and the time has finally come.  Apache Gold Casino Resort reopened October 2, 2020 with a comprehensive health and environmental protections.  The SCAGE enhanced protection plan includes continuous surface cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene protocols, face covering mandates, required temperature checks, social distancing policy, and plexiglass dividers for all slot machines, in strict accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines.  But the efforts did not stop there, they also included an UV-C Air Disinfection systems for air handling units.  The Air Disinfection Systems, manufactured by Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) are a key element of the enhanced SCAGE coronavirus disinfection protocols to help protect guests and employees.

The continuous airstream protection of the UVDI V-MAX™ GRID system is powered by high-intensity UV-C lamps which have proven scientific confirmation to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and meet both CDC and ASHRAE Airborne Infection Control guidelines for coronavirus. 

Matt Olin, Chief Executive Officer, SCAGE, stated, “We have implemented extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety for our guests and employees.  Our goal is safety first, and that will allow our guests to have an enjoyable and satisfying experience that they are accustom to at Apache Gold Casino Resort.”

Richard Hayes, President, UVDI, added “The San Carlos Apache properties are a vital economic engine for the tribal community and Arizona and an important source of leisure and entertainment.  We’re proud that our next-generation Air Disinfection products are a core part of the San Carlos Apache’s enhanced environmental protection program and applaud the Tribal leadership in taking these enhanced safety measures.”

About UVDI

UVDI’s Mission is to make a cleaner, safer, and healthier world through advanced UV-C solutions for air and surface disinfection, UVDI draws on over 70 years of UV-C expertise to design and manufacture next-generation germicidal ultraviolet light solutions in California. UVDI’s Indoor Air Quality systems have been installed in over 10,000 commercial sites, including leading airports, commercial buildings, hospitality sites, resorts and hospitals.  The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer is now used in over 650 hospitals spanning 25 countries in the world’s leading hospitals, where it has been proven in published clinical studies to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections.  UVDI is proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).


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