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Kim Stone was a horticulturist, writer, and editor of several publications for the University of Arizona at Boyce Thompson Arboretum over the better part of three decades. He is now happily self-absorbed in freelance writing, travel, and content marketing.

Petal Power: Tracing the Roots of Globe-Miami’s Signature Poppies

Every spring, an explosion of orange and yellow flowers fills the edges of a mile-long section of U.S. Highway 60 between Globe and Miami. They flourish in the most inhospitable of soil conditions that no self-respecting earthworm or gopher would dare consider as a habitable option.  A few narrow strips …

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Filmmaking comes alive in Globe-Miami and San Carlos

An award-winning filmmaker plans to create a film academy and shoot a feature film, while continues his role as a multimedia educator for local high school students.  Documentary filmmaker and University of Missouri film professor Christian Rozier is bringing a film academy to Gila County. Selected participants between the ages …

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