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US Hwy 60 is Open despite MAPS advice to detour!

The Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce have recently been informed that the popular navigation app – MAPS on Apple iPhones continue to report that US 60 is closed from Happy Camp/Hewitt Station Road near the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  The app navigates users to travel through the Kearny/Kelvin Highway in order to get to Superior or the other communities in this region.  Those planning trips to Globe from the Phoenix area are being re-routed through the Beeline Highway.

This problem is often resolved by updating your iPhone, however even those with updated phones are experiencing these detours.  The problem appears to be isolated to Apple Maps App. Directions using MapQuest and Google Maps all report that the highway is open.

The Town and Chamber encourage those planning a trip to Superior or the Copper Corridor for the day or who plan to attend the upcoming Apache Leap Mining festival next weekend to just stay on US 60 past Florence Junction.  Some drivers may experience some delays in traveling to the area due to the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  “If you make your trip early in the morning you can usually breeze right through, if you are not an early bird stay in the left lanes of US 60 to avoid the delays” explained Sue Anderson, Chamber President.

“We are definitely open for business, we just ask that you pardon our mess, while we are under construction.” explained Anderson.  “You also wont want to miss the spectacular wild flower season we are having” she explained.

The issue with Apple Maps is not uncommon, since the app allows for users to report closures and construction.  “We have been battling these app issues this whole Winter season, we all love technology but this has proven to be a huge burden for our community and region”  explained Mayor Mila Besich-Lira

If you are traveling from the Phoenix Metro Area you can easily reach Superior in less than a hour by traveling east on US 60.  The Town and Chamber assure you that US 60 is not closed and that a day trip to Superior and the Copper Corridor during this wild flower season is most definitely worth the brief area of construction.

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