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Ten Days…1000 signatures

Kelly Moss and Sarah Bernstein turn in the petitions to Globe City Clerk, Gina Paul on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the grassroots citizens group which has been called “…one of the most effective and organized yet truly grassroots groups out there” turned in over 1000 petition signatures of registered Globe voters to Globe’s City Clerk, Gina Paul.

The petitions were part of a Citizen’s Ballot Initiative to force Globe’s Mayor and Council to put the contentious issue of a large private prison to a vote, instead of letting a small handful of leaders speak for everyone.

Although the group only needed 582 valid signatures, they gathered over 1000 in just ten days to place the 2 initiatives on the ballot next March.  Globe City Clerk, Gina Paul has 20 days to review all the signatures and confirm the final count, but says she believes it will take 4-5 days.

Both petition folders were counted twice for accuracy.

The citizens group engaged the services of Rhonda Barnes with Perkins Coie LLP to help draft the language of the initiatives. Barnes specializes in election law. Volunteers were trained to follow exacting rules of who could and couldn’t sign and Citizens Opposed feels confident that a high percentage of signatures will be validated. Over 40 volunteers helped to gather signatures over the ten day period.

This is the first Citizen’s Ballot Initiative in Globe’s history and promises to reinforce the American ideal of one man/ one vote. Something we can all celebrate this July 4th!



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