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Rafting The Salt River

Are you craving adventure? Is your new year’s resolution to get out and see nature? A white water rafting trip down the Salt River might be just what you need. Last year the season was cancelled and rafting enthusiasts are looking forward to this season which already looks promising.

Rafting the Salt 2
Rafting the Salt River is a rush! Photo courtesy of Mild to Wild rafting.

“Why go rafting on the Salt River? Get out and live! Enjoy the adventure and the world around you,” says Alex Mickel, who along with his wife, are the owner/operators of Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Trail Tours (https://mild2wildrafting.com/) serving Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

Recent rainfall and snow at Sunrise translates to water on the Salt River in the springtime. Consistent snow – which is the forecast for this winter – means a longer high water season. If you’re a thrill seeker, check out the Salt River mid-March to early April during high water season, when water is the highest and rapids are Class II, III, and IV.

For those less adventurous, Mickel recommends waiting until later in April. The water is lower and warmer with Class II and III rapids; it’s a perfect time for families with children to experience a white water rafting adventure.

What makes Salt River rafting unique is the geography, geology, and wildlife. It’s one of the few places on the planet where you can ride the white water, a traditionally cooler weather activity, next to the landscape of saguaro cactus and desert flowers and wildlife that includes bears, javelina, gila monsters, and wild horses.

The best part, says Mickel, is that each trip is different.

“You can raft the Salt River 100 times and have a different experience each time.”

He recommends the 4-day trip where visitors have the chance to experience the transition of the landscape from the upper to lower Sonoran desert including the beauty of the white granite walls smoothed by the river.

“On a longer trip you have time to reflect, rejuvenate, and connect to the river in way you can’t on a shorter trip. My wife and I have a passion for the river because it’s about more than just the white water. It’s about connecting with people whether it’s our coworkers or visitors on a tour. Remembering what it’s like to experience the river for the first time makes 100th trip as cool as the first because we get a chance to see it through other people’s eyes.”

If you’re ready to make your first trip down the Salt River, Mickel recommends contacting the tour company. Ask what they provide in terms of clothing, meals and equipment. Some will provide food, camping gear, and wetsuits while others provide some or all of what you will need depending on the length of your trip.

SaltRiverRafting (SRR):

  This is one of the oldest rafting companies operating along the Salt, since 1992.

  Noteworthy: Check out their “Super Wilderness One Day,” which meets up at Bernie’s Steakhouse, and includes 20 river miles, three Class IV rapids, a dozen Class IIIs, and three hours of rugged jeep trails to and from the river.

   info@raftthesalt.com    800-472-5194

Mild to Wild:

  This company operates in Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

Noteworthy: They have rafts, premium boats and inflatable kayaks. Check out their “Dash of Salt”—running the two-day trip in one extremely fast-paced day depending on high water.

   https://mild2wildrafting.com/arizona-rafting.html   800-567-6745

Canyon Rio:

  Based out of Flagstaff, this company got their start guiding along the Grand Canyon in 1992, when owners Donnie and Caroline Dove started the business.

Noteworthy: A sister company, Canyon R.E.O. (River Equipment Outfitters) handles rentals of kayaks, canoes, and just about any other river equipment you may need. All rentals are based out of their warehouse in Flagstaff.

https://www.canyonrio.com/   800-272-3353

Wilderness Aware Rafting

  Headquartered in Buena Vista, CO, and guiding on six rivers.

  Noteworthy: They have been named Colorado Company of the year twice. They offer half-day to five-day trips on the Salt, and maintain a great blog on their website.

https://www.inaraft.com/    800-462-7238

Be sure to check out our local calendar for things to see and do in the area either before or after your time on the river!

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