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Pretty Patty Bids Adieu

This summer Patty Dodd and her husband, Doc, are going to close the doors of the little shop on S. Broad Street they’ve run for 16 years. The shop at the end of Broad with the red, white and blue sign has delighted local women with its sheer variety of clothing, accessories and whimsy that help a girl “stand out in a crowd” – as well as a loyal following of women who come regularly from Scottsdale, Safford, Tucson and other parts of Arizona, bringing their friends in tow. And winter visitors from all over the country and world.

Pretty Patty Lou’s opened on April 10, 2002. Patty says she had always wanted a store. For years, she had been supporting Doc in his work as a chiropractor, managing his front office – so when he retired, the couple swapped roles.

At the time, she had an antique business. She and Doc would travel every summer, visiting her sisters in the Midwest and going to auctions.

As her business grew, Patty incorporated more clothing, which always sells, and less antiques. Eventually, she laughs, she was more “boutique than antique.” She has a degree in clothing and textiles and had managed several departments at Goldwater’s Department stores and was in their buyer training program after graduating from ASU.

Patty selects clothing lines that are comfortable and decidedly not fussy – but with feminine class. That’s one reason she has developed such a loyal following and a circle of customers that grew largely through word of mouth.

She has always been fashion-forward. “I went to market and saw what was leading the trend and brought that back,” Patty says. Hers was one of the first shops in Globe to start carrying leggings and jeggings (skinny jeans)  and, tunic tops.

“I could not get anyone to wear leggings at first,” Patty laughs. “And tunic tops! No way!”

The trick was getting her customers to “just try it.” Once they did, they bought, she says. The smart money is on taking Patty’s advice. She often knows what works and will look good on her customers even before they do.

In a way, Patty has been a trend setter, seeing what women could wear that would look and feel good. Doc says the shop has been a kind of ministry. Patty concurs. “We have always felt that we are here to help others, our customers, our vendors, our community, and one way we do that is to make sure people leave here feeling good about themselves.”

Patty and Doc look forward to seeing their friends and customers stop in this spring to browse and take advantage of special sales. They would like to thank all their loyal, wonderful customers. “We will really miss them,” says Patty

The Dodds plan to run the shop as usual through May and then “play it by ear.” They haven’t set a definite closing date.

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  1. So so sad, I absolutely adore P.P.L and I find the best stuff there!! I’ll need to go stock up on as many pairs of their sandals as possible and her gorgeous tunics too!! 🙁 it’s a sad night for me now!

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