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Photographer Jim Lindstrom featured at Center for the Arts

Friends came from the Valley to catch his show at the Art Center

The latest show at the Cobre Valley Center for the arts, features the work of local photographer Jim Lindstrom, whose work takes every day objects and manipulates them into abstract images similar to looking at life through a kaleidoscope.  

Jim Lindstrom.

Lindstrom explains that he began experimenting with manipulating images he took around town and one of the first pieces he did was of three old metal chairs which sat rusting on a patio. Using computer software and his graphic design background, he mirrored the image and saturated the colors to achieve his first ‘Aha’ moment.

The described the effect as other worldly and liked the finished piece so much he began experimenting with other images; a tall oak tree, a large mechanical wheel, the grill of a car.

His show, “Rustic Kaleidoscope, “offers 20 views of nature and the real world thru the lens of a kaleidoscope and Lindstrom’s own perspective. The word kaleidoscope stems from Ancient Greek and means “an observer of beautiful forms.”

You can find Lindstrom’s latest works online at Fine Art America.

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