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Palmer Report July 15th – 21st


The Copper Triangle Tour is a 4 day music event that encompasses the area of Miami, Superior, Kearny and Globe; otherwise known as the Copper Triangle. There will be different bands and artists from the Globe/Miami area playing their piece on this musical journey. The en devour was dreamed up by myself, Stephen Palmer and has really been brought to life with the help of the Musicians of Globe/Miami. Whether you can make all the stops, some of the stops or one stop; we hope to see your face in the crowd.



   The adventure begins Thursday July 16th, at 7pm in Miami, at the Wild Horses Saloon on Sullivan Street downtown.

On Friday July 17th, the music tour has two stops in Superior, Arizona. The first is at Porter’s Cafe in downtown on Main Street. This performance will be an open mic jam session from 3 until 5pm, featuring various artists from the local community. The second stop is at Los Hermanos Lounge on Highway 60 starting at 7pm.

If you have survived the first two days and are still hungry for more, you will not be let down by the third day of the tour. Saturday July 18th the Copper Triangle Tour will again have two destinations. The first being a street performance at Old Time Pizza on Alden Street in downtown Kearny, from 3-5pm. After jamming down the street and eating some pizza the bands will then be performing at the General Kearny Inn, or the GKI. This performance will start in the lounge with various artists and an open mic from 7-9pm, where we will then let loose and open up the outside courtyard for some music under the stars.

The tour ends with a music festival of a  homecoming at Humphrey’s Two Lanes Saloon on Ash Street in Globe. This event will go all day from 3-5pm. Starting with Howling Booty, Sinthetic, Lifeless, Koyote, Jarod Spencer, Stephen Palmer, Robert and Travis and finishing with Low Expectations until midnight. There will be an acoustic stage outside and full bands playing inside. Two Lanes serves great snack foods and non alcoholic beverages if your prefer not to drink on a Sunday. There will also be corn hole and horse shoes available outside.


Stephen Palmer is a musician and writer from Claypool, Arizona. More concerned with lyrical content than musical difficulty, Stephen has become an adapt songwriter over the years.
Low Expectations can play almost any type of music. They have only been a band for about 8 months and are already on pace with other acts that have been around for years. Justin Justice has premium front man potential with a great rock voice. Daniel Philpot plays his guitar like a child’s play toy while Josh Cummings and Ken Hernandez provide a driving beat that tempts the body to dance.
Howlin Booty is a hometown favorite for Globe, Arizona. Aaron Zufelt, Eli Miller and Matt Medrano have been playing music together for over 10 years. With the edition of Eric’s high energy Howlin Booty has really found their place on stage.
Jarod Spencer has been a musician for over 15 years. Jarod is a great story teller and songwriter. His version of folk blues is as real as it gets.

About Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer is an Arizona native, born and raised. With his ear to the ground and head in the clouds Stephen brings a passion to life that is as complex as it is full of joy. Reader beware the adventures of an untamed mind.

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