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The old cemetery includes many sections dedicated to select groups. This small section is dedicated to the Buffalo Soldiers. Most graves here are dated in the mid-to-late '30s. Photo by LCGross

The Globe Cemetery

The Old Globe Cemetery takes visitors back in time – back to when the railroad was new, when immigrant communities in Globe spoke Russian, Italian, and Chinese, and even farther back, to when a grave marker often was nothing more than a wooden plank stuck in the ground. It’s a place to stroll through the city’s past while enjoying views to the surrounding mountains and discovering sidelights to the area’s history.

Globe’s cemetery dates back to the city’s earliest days – Thomas B. Hammond was the first person to be interred here, in 1876, after he was killed by Apaches. Lawmen and businessmen, politicians and criminals, miners and socialites, soldiers and beloved teachers are all buried here. Sections for Russians, Chinese, Italians, Spanish, Buffalo Soldiers, fraternal orders, and other groups reflect the diversity of Globe as the city’s population changed over time.


The cemetery is located on a hillside just northwest of Globe’s historic district and is within walking distance of Broad Street. To get there, head west on Hackney from Hwy. 60/Willow just north of the pedestrian overpass over the highway. In a tenth of a mile, the road splits into three – take the middle road, then enter the cemetery between the rows of towering cypresses. If you’re on foot, walk west (downhill) from Broad Street on Mesquite two blocks, cross the highway on the pedestrian overpass, and then walk north along the highway to Hackney. Once you reach the cemetery, be sure to go all the way to the top of the hill for the view of the Pinals.

Photo by LCGross
Photo by LCGross


Burial records kept by Lamont Mortuary from 1898 – 2001. 

Burial Records: Vol 1

Burial Records: Vol 2

Burial Records: Vol 3

Burial Records: Vol 4

Burial Records: Vol 5

Burial Records: Vol 6

Burial Records: Vol 7


Gila County, Arizona Cemetery Records

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