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Meeting to discuss flood mitigation tonight at 5pm

An informational community flood meeting will be happening tonight, Thursday, July 1, at 5 pm at City Hall.

At the meeting we will have Cory Helton, the PE who developed these maps in attendance, by zoom, so that people can review the maps and ask questions about the likelihood of this type of flooding happening in Globe.

Please look for your property on these maps or by using this link: https://jefuller.sharefile.com/…/sb836717abac544e99be5b…

If you live near any creeks, or water ways, we need you to fill out a form allowing us to do flood mitigation work. There will be staff available at tonight’s meeting to help you locate your property and to help you complete the forms.

You can also call Michelle at (928)961-0117, or download the form from our website.


Flood Map 1
Flood Map 2

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