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Local singer to compete in Colgate Country Showdown

Before there was American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and America’s Top Model, there has been the Colgate Country Showdown. Now in its 26th year, the show seeks out talent across the country in communities large and small, discovering the likes of Garth Brooks and Sawyer Brown in the process.

And one hometown girl is hoping its her turn.

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Diane Lisk Photo by: Linda Gross

This year, Diane Lisk, of Globe will travel to Prescott in July to take the stage and compete for the right to go to State finals. The winner of State finals goes on to Nationals and competes for $100,000. In 2005 a Phoenix Arizona native, Michelle René won the whole shebang. She’s got a singing career now, and that is Diane’s hope.

Lisks’ own career has taken a long and winding road, but she has been making music since she was a little girl listening to her daddy, who was a singer/songwriter in the 50’s. Since then, she has sung in church choirs, and karoke bars; and been both back up singer and lead singer for various groups.

In Bakersfield where she grew up she was introduced to Dusty Rhodes, a music producer in the 60’s and 70’s and after hearing her sing, Rhodes agreed to pull together the studio time and the money to cut a record.

She recorded the Gene Rice song, “Didn’t You Know,” but before it could be released, Rhodes health failed and he passed away. A short time later her family and job demands took center stage and Lisk found herself following husband, Eddie Lisk, to Idaho where the couple could find work.

All of which put her singing career on hold.

Recently, the couple moved back to Globe in 2004 to care for Eddie’s father who had lived in the area for thirty years years and worked for the Inspiration mine. Although the priority was still on family issues, Diane found time to sing at the River of Life church and as back up singer for Marcia Marcanti’s band.

And is planning a run at the Colgate Country Showdown.

“When Dusty talked to me about my singing career, he thought I had a good voice and was a pretty girl, but told me I needed to loose weight,” she says. “And you just look at everyone who is up on stage and you know he’s right.“

Knowing she was going to compete in the Colgate Showdown in 2008, she got serious about the loosing the weight and dropped fifty pounds in eight months.

She is now ready to take center stage.
A singer was once asked why they wanted to give up a real job for a singing career.

Although his answer may have gotten lost over time, Diane answers it this way,” Singing fulfills my soul. Songs are just stories put to music which is an expression of being.”

“When I sing, the affirmations from those who hear me sing, make me know what I’m doing is right,” she says.

”I look around and see so many people working at jobs they don’t like, and my answer to people who ask that question is; why wouldn’t you give up a secure career for one that makes you sing?”

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