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Investing elevated in the Town of Superior Arizona

Superior Arizona has recently received a total of $4.25 million appropriation from the federal government for two important projects for the future of this small rural desert community.

Mayor Mila Besich and Council Member Gilbert Aguilar recently returned from a visit to Washington DC with the fruits of hard work on the part of the Arizona Congressional delegation to secure funding for the Superior Multi-Gen and Enterprise Center and for the restoration of natural habitat(s) of Queen Creek. In the omnibus bill signed by President Biden on March 15, a total of $4.25 million was approved for these two projects.

$2.0 million will help fund the Superior Multi-Generational and Enterprise Center. Developing a multigenerational center was a key strategic goal Superior’s Town Council set in 2016 to ensure that the Town continues to invest in and expand the community’s economic development and quality of life assets.  To achieve this overarching goal, the Town purchased the original Superior High School – a local historic treasure. By providing a space for education, health, creativity and culture to flourish, Superior is strengthening a resilient and socially connected community.

“Superior has the potential to grow exponentially in the future. Because of Congressman O’Halleran’s leadership and hard work, and that of U.S. Senators Kelly and Sinema to fund our Workforce, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, we will be able to grow good, high-paying jobs that will enable our Town to build a stronger, more diverse and sustainable economy. We applaud our Arizona Congressional Delegation for their efforts,” said Superior Mayor Mila Besich.   

The importance of preservation efforts is multi-fold. Investing in local economies and communities is an important first step, while investing resources in land and water is paramount. For communities in the Southwest U.S., water is the most precious resource of all. 

In addition to the appropriation for the Multi-Generational Center, with Congressman Greg Stanton’s leadership, $2.25 million in funding has been set aside from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) – Army Corps of Engineers for the restoration of Queen Creek.  These funds will be dedicated to restoring and sustaining this important waterway. The project will include installing a reclaimed water pipeline and rehabilitate existing infiltration at the Queen Creek Restoration Project.

The headwaters of Queen Creek are in Superior and securing funding to restore this critically important body of water is yet another example of the Town’s stewardship and determination to ensure Superior is able to accommodate quality economic development alongside mining activity, while also safeguarding this important body of water for generations to come.

Contact information: Mayor Mila Besich

Town of Superior

Email: mila@superioraz.gov 

Address: 199 N. Lobb Avenue, Superior, Arizona 85173

Phone: (520) 827-9454 

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