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AUGUST 2022 – This list is compiled from the records of both Lamont Mortuary and Bulman Miles Funeral Home for deaths in Globe and Miami. Obituaries have been edited. Complete details can be found at: (LM: Lamont Mortuary, BF: Bulman Miles Funeral Home)

LEE FERNANDO TSOSIE, August 8, 1966 – August 31, 2022, age 56, of Superior, passed away at his home. Lee was originally from San Carlos. (LM)

ANTHONY R. TARANGO, May 28, 1964 – August 30, 2022, age 58, of Globe, passed away at his home. (LM)

AJ MCKEE, January 1, 1937 – August 29, 2022, age 85, passed away. AJ was a master mechanic, first with the Air Force for 22 years and then for 20+ years with SPRR. (LM)

NORMAN BROWN, June 9, 1956 – August 29, 2022, age 66, passed away. (BM)

YGNACIO “NACHO” PROVENCIO VILLAVERDE JR., July 9, 1936 – August 24, 2022, age 86, passed away at his home. Nacho played college football at Palo Verde College in California and later worked at Magma Copper/BHP for over 39 years as an electrician journeyman. (BM)

GARY JAMES GILLILAND, March 17, 1953 – August 24, 2022, age 69, of Globe, passed away at his home. (LM)

RAMONA “BARRA” BARRERAS, June 11, 1933 – August 23, 2022, age 89, of Miami, passed away. Ramona was an educator in Miami and Claypool for over 35 years and established a scholarship fund to help Miami students attend NAU. She was active in many local organizations and served as president of the Miami Rotary Club. (BM)

MELISSA ANN PEREZ, July 27, 1970 – August 23, 2022, age 52, passed away. Melissa was a school bus driver for SUSD for 25 years and worked in the Superior Schools Food Service Department for 20 years. (BM)

VERA ANN VALENCIA, March 12, 1950 – August 21, 2022, age 72, of Globe, passed away in Globe. Vera enjoyed her work as a homemaker. (LM)

ANGELIQUE MONIQUE HERNANDEZ, December 9, 1979 – August 21, 2022, age 42, passed away in Superior. (BM)

MERVIN DALE FULLER, January 10, 1934 – August 19, 2022, age 88, passed away at his home. Merv served in the US Navy for 3½ years and then worked for Inspiration Consolidated Copper as a welder for 30 years. (BM)

TWINS BROWNING-STANLEY entered life and passed away on August 16, 2022. (LM)

HUMBERTO ISLAVA, April 11, 1969 – August 15, 2022, age 53, of Dudleyville, passed away at his home. Humberto worked at ASARCO Ray mine for 25-plus years. (BM)

ALBERT ALFRED “BETO” VALTIERRA JR., December 19, 1983 – August 15, 2022, age 38, passed away. Beto worked as a heavy equipment operator. (LM)

FLORENCE GONZALES, July 8, 1927 – August 14, 2022, age 95, of Tucson, passed away in Tucson. Florence lived in Globe-Miami from the late 1940s until 2011. She was a homemaker and briefly worked at El Rey in Globe. (BM)

DENNIS H. VAN GORP, September 9, 1951 – August 14, 2022, age 70, passed away in Superior. Dennis served as pastor of Family Life Christian Center and chaplain for Aviant Hospice, Superior FD and Superior PD. He was also chairman of Superior Food Bank. (BM)

GEORGE HERBERT “BUTCH” TROJANOVICH, June 5, 1944 – August 13, 2022, age 78, passed away. Butch worked for ADOT, first as a striper and eventually as superintendent at the Payson and Roosevelt offices. He retired with 35 years of service. (LM)

BERNADINE BOURKE BROWN, November 28, 1948 – August 13, 2022, age 73, of San Carlos, passed away at San Carlos Apache Healthcare. (LM)

ROBERT A. “GUS GUS” HERNANDEZ, December 6, 1951 – August 12, 2022, age 70, of Superior, passed away at his daughter’s home in Chandler. (BM)

DIXON ALLEN FAUCETTE, May 22, 1938 – August 10, 2022, age 84, passed away in Mesa. Dixon taught math, physics, chemistry and astronomy at Mesa Community College and Central Arizona College. He also coached basketball and football at Agua Fria High School. (BM)

DAVID PRESLEY SHAW, October 28, 1962 – August 10, 2022, age 59, of Globe, passed away at his home. David was a law enforcement officer, correctional officer and diversion officer. (LM)

CHERITA JOYCE WILLIAMS, August 27, 1985 – August 9, 2022, age 36, of San Carlos, passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. Cherita was a teacher for Head Start, preschool and child readiness. (LM)

SHARON LYNNE COPPIN, February 25, 1944 – August 5, 2022, age 78, of Globe, passed away at her home. (LM)

LON ELMER VAN CLEVE, February 9, 1956 – August 3, 2022, age 66, passed away. Lon was a machinist at Freeport McMoRan. (LM)

JOHN STEWART BEAMON, November 15, 1945 – August 2, 2022, age 76, passed away. He worked for the post office in Globe as a mail carrier for 20 years and then, for 10 years, as a clerk. He also worked as a security guard. (LM)

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