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April 2023 – This list is compiled from the records of both Lamont Mortuary and Bulman Miles Funeral Home for deaths in Globe and Miami. Obituaries have been edited. Complete details can be found at: (LM: Lamont Mortuary, BF: Bulman Miles Funeral Home)

VINCENT PORTER, November 20, 1938 – April 27, 2023, age 84, passed away at Haven Health in Globe. Vincent worked as a log cutter, at the tribal store, on the fence crew and in several other jobs. (LM)

THOMAS JOSEPH BRIERLEY, May 19, 1934 – April 24, 2023, age 88, passed away at CVRMC. (LM)

VICTORIA JEAN CLARK, January 19, 1945 – April 24, 2023, age 78, of Kearny, passed away. Vicki was active in the Kearny community, including as a writer for the Copper Basin News and with Pioneer Days and the Kearny Elks. (BM)

EVERETT MARGO, October 4, 1946 – April 24, 2023, age 76, of Peridot, passed away at his home. Everett worked as a laborer in construction. (LM)

DUANE EDWARD PALMER, June 24, 1967 – April 24, 2023, age 55, of Miami, passed away at his home. Duane was an electrician and also drove long haul trucks. He was originally from Baltimore, Maryland. (LM)

JOSEPH TERRENCE STEADMAN, August 27, 1977 – April 24, 2023, age 45, passed away in Miami. Joe was a carpenter. (BM)

SHEENA ROSE ELTHIE, August 1, 1994 – April 24, 2023, age 28, passed away in Tucson. Sheena was a medical assistant. (LM)

LEANDER KENTON, March 30, 1958 – April 23, 2023, age 65, passed away at Banner Gateway Medical Center in Gilbert. Leander worked as a seasonal firefighter for the BIA Forestry and as a security guard for the old Lake Store in San Carlos. (LM)

HEIDI MARIE KAY, April 21, 1963 – April 23, 2023, age 60, of Globe, passed away at her home. Heidi was originally from Tucson and was active in the senior community. (LM)

SAMUAL FLOYD HICKS, June 28, 1968 – April 23, 2023, age 54, passed away. Sam was originally from Sikeston, Missouri. (BM)

ROBERT WILLIAM BOWYER, June 29, 1943 – April 22, 2023, age 79, passed away. Robert worked in the mines for over 30 years and later for ADOT. He was originally from Charleston, West Virginia. (BM)

JENNIFER ANN CASSADORE, February 25, 1966 – April 22, 2023, age 57, of San Carlos, passed away at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. Jennifer worked as a poker dealer. (LM)

JESSICA ANN LOPEZ, November 28, 1975 – April 22, 2023, age 47, of Globe, passed away in Miami. Jessica worked as a CNA for Heritage Health Care, and also worked for Judy’s Cookhouse for many years. (LM)

MARTINA BERLEE BUSH, August 12, 1982 – April 21, 2023, age 40, of San Carlos, passed away at her home. Martina worked for Game & Fish, Sunrise Kia Area, and Honda Casino. (LM)

KRYSTAL LYNN ASTOR, January 9, 1985 – April 20, 2023, age 38, of San Carlos, passed away at North Mountain Medical Rehab Center in Phoenix. Kre worked for the San Carlos Forestry Camp Crew for two years before becoming a mother and homemaker. (LM)

KENNETH BLACK JR., June 23, 1974 – April 18, 2023, age 48, of San Carlos, passed away at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson. Kenneth worked as a laborer in construction and as a seasonal firefighter. (LM)

GEORGE LEGASPE WILLIAMS, August 18, 1926 – April 14, 2023, age 96, of Miami, passed away at his home. George was an instrument technician with Shell Oil. He served in the Pacific Theater during WWII. (LM)

HELEN AUDREY REECE, November 23, 1942 – April 14, 2023, age 80, of Globe, passed away. Helen served as Justice of the Peace in Winkelman for 20 years. She performed nearly a thousand weddings. (BM)

THERESA CAROL SALMERI, December 16, 1951 – April 14, 2023, age 71, passed away at her home. Theresa was a corrections officer and retired from the Globe Prison. (LM)

MARK EDWARD LOPEZ, August 7, 1973 – April 12, 2023, age 49, passed away at his home. Mark worked in construction as a supervisor for MLC Service. (LM)

AMY SUZANNE DENTON-BENITES, January 19, 1978 – April 12, 2023, age 45, passed away. (BM)

JOSEPHINE FLORES HERRERA WILLIAMS, August 16, 1930 – April 10, 2023, age 92, of Miami, passed away at CVRMC. (LM)

NICHOLASA PALOMAR GARCIA, December 21, 1927 – April 9, 2023, age 95, passed away. Nicky worked at CVRMC as a cleaner for over 20 years. (BM)

THOMAS MICHAEL YURKOVICH, September 29, 1935 – April 9, 2023, age 87, passed away in Globe. Thomas was a systems engineer for IBM and a semi-professional hockey player from 1957 to 1969. He represented the USA as goalie in the 1964 Olympic Games. (LM)

VESTA MAE BARROWDALE, April 6, 1953 – April 9, 2023, age 70, passed away. Vesta worked in the Morenci and Miami mines in the tank house and smelter, and later founded Mid-State Childcare and Nutrition, a nonprofit. (LM)

MICHAEL ARMAND MCDEVITT, June 22, 1997 – April 6, 2023, age 25, passed away. Michael hoped to become a doctor. He was originally from Tucson. (BM)

GLORIA HERRERA KNIGHT, March 26, 1945 – April 5, 2023, age 78, passed away. Gloria worked as an aide, housekeeper, and kitchen staff at Cobre Valley Community Hospital. (LM)

MARIA L. “LICHA” MANRIQUEZ, January 3, 1936 – April 4, 2023, age 87, of Dudleyville, passed away at her home. Licha was originally from Douglas. (BM)

GERALD LEE PHILPOT SR., October 23, 1960 – April 4, 2023, age 62, passed away. Gerald founded Mountain Air Heating and Cooling, Gila Energy Management, and Green Tree Construction. (LM)

CAROLINE MAJOR, March 7, 1965 – April 4, 2023, age 58, of San Carlos, passed away at Honor Health Hospital in Phoenix. Caroline was originally from Solomon, Arizona. (LM)

JAY DEE DILLON, June 3, 1978 – April 2, 2023, age 44, passed away in San Carlos. (LM)

SHAWNA MARIE KENTON, August 16, 1990 – April 2, 2023, age 32, of San Carlos, passed away in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shawna worked as a server in the fast food industry. (LM)

LOUIE PACO CONTRERAS, September 14, 1946 – April 1, 2023, age 76, passed away at Chandler Regional Medical Center. He was originally from Bisbee. (LM)

PATSY MARIE SNEEZY, January 1, 1957 – April 1, 2023, age 66, passed away. Patsy worked in administrative positions and in healthcare. She was a Spirit of the Mountain Runner protecting Mt. Graham and Oak Flat. (LM)

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