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October 2023 – This list is compiled from the records of both Lamont Mortuary and Bulman Miles Funeral Home for deaths in Globe and Miami. Obituaries have been edited. Complete details can be found at: (LM: Lamont Mortuary, BF: Bulman Miles Funeral Home)

AUSTIN LOUIS PAYNE, August 22, 1978 – October 31, 2023, age 45, of Globe, passed away at his home. (LM)

FRANKLIN DAWAHOYA JR., August 15, 1965 – October 30, 2023, age 58, of Phoenix, passed away at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix. He worked as a heavy truck cleaner. (LM)

LINDA BLAKE, November 27, 1945 – October 29, 2023, age 77, passed away. Linda volunteered with the High Desert Humane Society and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church. (LM)

MICHAEL MARVIN HOWELL, June 6, 1947 – October 29, 2023, age 76, of Globe, passed away at his home. Michael was a teacher and coach in Tucson and later worked at Inspiration Copper and Cyprus Copper as a safety engineer. He finished his career teaching at Globe High School. He was also active as a volunteer firefighter and served as chief of the Central Heights Fire Department. He earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam. (LM)

SANDRA KAY SELLER, June 1, 1941 – October 27, 2023, age 82, passed away. Sandy was originally from Youngstown, Ohio. (BM)

ANTHONY “TINY” ALLEN, July 14, 1960 – October 26, 2023, age 63, of Peridot, passed away at CVRMC. He worked as a custodian for the San Carlos Unified School District. (LM)

ANNALEA CARROLL, June 2, 1975 – October 24, 2023, age 48, passed away. She was a medical assistant at PHN. (LM)

ELSIE JEANNE NORRIS, April 28, 1950 – October 23, 2023, age 73, passed away. Elsie was originally from Englewood, California. (LM)

JOHN SABAN, November 19, 1935 – October 22, 2023, age 88, passed away. John was an engineer for the AZ Highway Department and the City of Globe. He also owned and operated a surveying and engineering consultancy. (LM)

SHIRLEY MARIE JONES, October 13, 1941 – October 22, 2023, age 82, of Miami, passed away at CVRMC. She worked at Walmart as a customer care representative. (LM)

JAMES LEE TAYLOR, August 14, 1945 – October 22, 2023, age 78, passed away. James worked in the maintenance department at Mammoth San Manuel School District 8 for 38 years. He also owned an auto service station in the 1960s and 70s and worked drilling mineral test core samples. (BM)

GARY WAYNE ALEXANDER, November 3, 1934 – October 20, 2023, age 89, passed away. Gary taught and coached at Globe High School for many years. He also worked for the Forest Service, managed the pool at the Community Center, and worked as an EMT. (LM)

MELISSA N. FORMO, January 15, 1935 – October 20, 2023, age 88, of Mammoth, passed away. Melissa was originally from Victor, Utah. (BM)

FRANCIS WILLIAM “JR” VICTOR JR., May 13, 1949 – October 20, 2023, age 74, passed away. JR worked for BIA Roads and Forestry and later for Pinto Valley Mines as a haul truck driver. (LM)

PATRICK JOSEPH MATNEY, December 6, 1933 – October 18, 2023, age 89, passed away. (LM)

GEORGE GONZALES RAMOS, March 2, 1942 – October 16, 2023, age 81, passed away at Mercy Gilbert Hospital. He owned a janitorial business. (LM)

JESSE BARBOA SANCHEZ, June 20, 1937 – October 13, 2023, age 86, of San Manuel, passed away. Jesse worked for Magma/BHP for nearly 40 years. He was originally from Clarkdale. (BM)

EUGENE VALLES GODOY, June 5, 1973 – October 13, 2023, age 50, passed away. Gino worked in construction. (BM)

KEITH DROSTE, July 10, 1933 – October 11, 2023, age 90, passed away. Keith worked as a geologist in the mining industry for 68 years. (BM)

STEWART DONALD GILLESPIE JR., August 8, 1957 – October 11, 2023, age 66, of Globe, passed away. Stewart worked as a chef, at Big O Tire repair, and was a manager at a mobile home park. He was originally from Greeley, Colorado. (LM)

ESTELA S. GONZALES, April 28, 1942 – October 10, 2023, age 81, of Kearny, passed away in Globe. Estela was originally from El Paso, Texas. (BM)

LEROY EVAN THOMPSON, September 17, 1947 – October 9, 2023, age 76, passed away. Leroy retired from Indian Health Services. He also worked for BIA Forestry and Roads. (LM)

VERNON BULLIS, December 22, 1967 – October 9, 2023, age 55, of San Carlos, passed away. He worked as a haul truck driver in the copper mines. (LM)

DAISY MILDRED KARNES, April 24, 1947 – October 7, 2023, age 76, passed away at her home. (BM)

MARTIN RENTERIA SR., October 6, 1950 – October 7, 2023, age 73, of Fabens, Texas, passed away in Miami. Martin had a long career in carpentry and working heavy machinery. (BM)

JOHN RAY ELLISON, November 28, 1948 – October 5, 2023, age 74, passed away. Johnny was a teacher, coach and mentor for 33 years. Prior to teaching, he worked for Magma Copper. (BM)

RONALD STEPHEN SNEEZER, August 6, 1963 – October 5, 2023, age 60, passed away. Ronald grew up in Tuba City. (LM)

KARA LYNN HILLMAN-WELCH, December 20, 1979 – October 5, 2023, age 43, passed away. Kara was a speech-language pathologist for the Globe School District. (LM)

PAUL CHRISTOPHER PINO, December 28, 1965 – October 3, 2023, age 57, of Superior, passed away. Chris operated Diego’s Mexican Food Restaurants along with his parents and brothers. He also worked in the smelter for Freeport McMoRan in Globe. (BM)

JIMMY LAVAN BUTLER, December 12, 1946 – October 2, 2023, age 76, of Dripping Springs, passed away at his home. Jimmy was a cowboy. He also worked as a boilermaker for the Christmas Mine and as a car repairman, welder and fabricator for Copper Basin Railroad. (LM)

PATRICK ARTHUR BEATON, February 10, 1957 – October 1, 2023, age 66, of Globe, passed away at his home. He worked as an appliance repairman and was originally from Fargo, North Dakota. (LM)

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