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The CVRMC Board. Photo by LCGross.

Hospital Board opens new expansion and looks forward to 2017

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center is a non-profit, 25-bed, Critical Access Hospital (CAH) that has been managed by HealthTech Management Srvices for 25 years and has served its communities for more than 103 years. These communities include Globe, Miami, Roosevelt, Young, Superior, Kearny, Winkelman, and Hayden, with a working relationship with the new San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation. Along with a vast array of hospital services, far greater than most counterpart critical access hospitals, CVRMC has three regional clinics located in Young, Superior, and Kearny.
Members of the administration and staff serve on various community associations, including chambers of commerce, Rotary, work force development, economic development, cancer awareness committees, diabetes education, grief support teams, scholarship committees, and youth athletic programs, to name just a few. CVRMC has its finger on the pulse of its communities, provides charitable care with purpose, and offers educational services and programs for the good of the public.
CVRMC also makes financial and in-kind donations to many non-profit organizations within the community, whose activities are related to education or health and wellness initiatives. These have included Little League, youth soccer, youth basketball, and other athletic programs, Cobre Valley Summer Youth Theater Program, angel trees, domestic violence shelters, donations to skilled nursing facilities, Relay for Life, March of Dimes, scholarship programs, and community beautification efforts, such as keeping Hospital Drive clean and this past spring’s Paint the Town event.
CVRMC sponsors an annual health fair, working with other local and state agencies to distribute and disseminate health, wellness, safety, and other valuable information. Without any charge to the community, CVRMC sponsors diabetic workshops, birthing and new baby care classes, customer service training, and grief support meetings.
Many community organizations have taken advantage of the conference rooms CVRMC offers, free of charge, for meetings and educational training. Some examples of these groups are Teenage Outreach for Pregnancy Services (TOPS), Rotary Club, Little League, EMS training, Gila Community College, and more. Meeting places are difficult to find in our rural area, and CVRMC is pleased to accommodate its neighboring associations.
CVRMC provides a free referral service, called One Call, available by phone to anyone in the service area, as well as visitors to the area. One Call helps connect people to services and resources at the local, county, state, and national level, as well helping people navigate our sometimes complex and confusing social service systems.
CVRMC is continually upgrading and improving equipment. Much of the equipment that is replaced is still viable and is passed on to educational facilities, fire departments, or other local agencies that will continue to benefit from years of use. Supplies are also donated regularly to EMS, schools, senior citizens groups, and other organizations in need of medical or other types of supplies.
The Expansion Project of CVRMC began in February of 2015 and is expected to complete in August of 2016. The new construction includes all-new family-centered single-patient rooms—Med/Surg, ICU, and Family Birth Center—which will bring comfort to the patients and their families. The expansion also includes a new pharmacy, cath lab, wound center, infusion center, cafe and kitchen, gift shop, and conference rooms. The 11,000 square feet of new physician offices and exam rooms will provide for growth and will centralize services for the convenience of patients and their families.
CVRMC’s mission is everyone’s health, seeking to be a facility that cares for people when they are sick and also helps people better their lives through prevention and wellness.

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