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Gila Board cancels EAC contract for educational programs and services

THATCHER, Ariz. — For nearly 50 years, Eastern Arizona College (EAC) has contracted with the Gila County Community College Provisional District (Gila Board) to provide affordable and accessible post-secondary educational opportunities to Gila County residents.

On May 8, 2023, the Gila Board unilaterally terminated its educational services and programs contract with EAC effective June 30, 2024. While it was EAC’s intention to continue providing educational services under the current contract, the College will work to develop a plan to close operations in Gila County, and assist faculty, staff, and students in this effort.

Throughout this process, EAC will seek guidance from the Higher Learning Commission and will follow their directives. When notified of Gila County’s new educational partner, the College will work with them to transition programs and services for the benefit of students.

Eastern Arizona College wants Gila County residents to know that it has been a great honor to work with them throughout the years. EAC faculty and staff in Gila County have played an integral role in changing student lives and helping to make their dreams a reality. Their incredible commitment and selfless service reflects the greater mission we all believe in: to inspire and empower students for lifetime success through a sense of community and world-class education.

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