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Freeport-McMoRan Announces Cobre Valley Country Club Transition

Globe-Miami, AZ (February 12, 2018) — Freeport-McMoRan is aware of the needed repairs at the Cobre Valley Country Club and in an effort to improve the facility, the company will assume operational and financial management. Assuming this responsibility allows the company to achieve the goal of restoring this family-friendly amenity for the community, as well as Freeport-McMoRan employees. The facility will be renamed the Cobre Valley Recreational Center.
The company is engaging the services of Risher Companies, a professional recreation management company, to help in facilitating this transition beginning March 1, 2018.
The community will begin to see improvements at the recreation center related to initial goals and projects already underway. These initiatives include improving the golf course by installing a new sprinkler system, as well as improving the pool and tennis courts so they may be made available for use by the community.
The company will keep the community informed of developments and progress on the Cobre Valley RecreationalCenter.
Information about Freeport-McMoRan’s commitment to communities may be obtained by visiting
FreeportInMyCommunity.com or by contacting Globe-Miami Community Development staff member Robin Horta: rhorta@fmi.com.
We look forward to this opportunity of returning Cobre Valley to its former excellent condition, bringing back thismuch needed recreational facility to the Globe and Miami communities.

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  1. Is this going to be open to the public? Are there any fees involved?

  2. Bill Alexander

    My hats off to Freeport-McMoRan Mining for taking over the Cobre Valley Gold Course. It is not just about the money and the deep pockets McMoRan has but it is the level of expertise and management it brings to the table. For one of the largest Copper mine companies in the World, second best is just not good enough. You can see changes taking place from the cut of the grass to friendly smiles from the groundskeepers. This is a first class operation and it is bringing back the style and class of last centuries Roaring Twenties when the course was just beginning. The trees are mature, the fairway is a challenge and the holes manicured and well kept. My compliments to the management and feel that old Jim Bob Moffett is looking down from that great golf course in the Sky and saying well done boys. RIP Jim bob and you left us a legacy that will live on in the quiet solitude of a the park like surroundings of the course. In case you are wondering, the MO in McMoRan stands for Moffett. It was his way of paying back to the community that made him rich. I painted Jim Bob’s name on the bottom of a Rock out there and if you ever hit a ball that bounces off a rock and comes right back to the middle of the fairway, you know old Jim Bob was watching out for you.

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