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Contractors to start work on flood mitigation today

GILA COUNTY- As part of Gila County’s Pinal Fire Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) project, local contractors will begin working to remove debris in the waterways downstream of the fire on the morning of Thursday, July 6, 2017.


Residents with property on the washes in Icehouse Canyon, Six Shooter Canyon, Kellner Canyon, and Russell Gulch who have signed agreements should look for one of six local contractors on their property within the next 10 days. The City of Globe will perform flood mitigation work in the washes within city limits.


Gila County responded proactively to flooding concerns related to the Pinal Fire by securing this $300,000 in federal funds from the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s (NRCS) EWP program to clean out waterways in the Globe-Miami area.


“We’re thrilled to not only better prepare our area for the oncoming monsoon season, but also to bring these dollars back to Gila County residents and local contractors,” says Gila County Manager James Menlove.


As of July 5, 58 of 260 property owners in the flood mitigation area have not returned agreements to allow the County or its contractors to work in the waterways on their property. If you own property on the wash in Icehouse Canyon, Kellner Canyon, Six Shooter Canyon, or Russell Gulch and have not returned an agreement, call 928-402-8770.

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