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City budget for FY 2023/24 showing $23 million increase

Overlooking Globe, Arizona Photo by Elizabeth Eaton

FINAL 2023-2024 BUDGET ADOPTED On July 20th, the Globe City Council had a public hearing and adoption of the final budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 for $65,334,122.00. This reflects an approximately $23 million increase from last year’s budget. The largest increase in this year’s budget is the allocation of $21 million which is included in possible unfunded grants for future projects. If this amount is not included in our total budget and a grant is awarded, we will not be able to accept and spend the grant. Our General Fund operational budget increased from $14,515,359.00 last budget year to $18,094,144.00. The main increase is due to including the $2.9 million fund balance carried forward this year that normally is not reflected in the total budget amount. This year’s budget is even more complex due to all the federal and state funds being appropriated to our city for numerous projects. We want to thank our staff and financial consultants for their hard work and commitment to bring a balanced budget for approval. 

This year’s budget reinforces our commitment to the priorities listed in our Strategic Action Plan for the benefit of our city residents. Our focus has remained consistent on economic development to provide the necessary funding to continue to grow our city with priorities of quality of life, recreational opportunities, housing, and infrastructure. 


Public Works Director, John Angulo, presented an updated list on the many city projects in progress. Here is a list of those projects and a brief description of their status and funding sources.

  • Community Center Pool – Complete – Cost $4.4 million – Funding from multiple partners and stakeholders to help build this state-of-the-art facility. The City of Globe has committed to the annual operations and maintenance costs.
  • Community Center Sewer Line Project – Complete – Cost $1.5 million – WIFA funds
  • Connie’s Bridge – Projected completion at the end of 2023 – Cost $5 million – $3.4 appropriated from state funds through ADOT.
  • Veteran’s Park Playground Equipment – Complete – Cost $100K – Funding BHP
  • Veteran’s Park Cement / Lighting – Complete – Cost $140K – Funding CDBG Grant
  • Community Center Playground Equipment – Complete – Cost 100K – Funding BHP
  • Hill Street School Senior Affordable Housing – Projected completion date 2024 – Cost $22 Million – Developer – The Gorman Company
  • Jess Hayes Sidewalk Project – In Design Phase – Cost $3.5 Million – Appropriation from State funds 2023
  • Cottonwood Bridge Replacement – In Design Phase – Cost $3.8 Million – Appropriation from State funds 2023
  • Active Adult Center Outdoor Space Project – Complete – $46K – 23K grant and 23K from city funds
  • Hill Street Sidewalk Project and Road Alignment – Complete – $1.5 Million – Appropriation from State Funds 2023
  • Michaelson Building Downtown Center – Roof replacement construction in progress – 750K Federal allocation funds
  • Northeast Corridor Water and Sewer Project – In study phase – Cost $2.1 million – Appropriation from the Federal infrastructure funds 
  • McCormick Wash Project – In Study Phase – 100K For Study – Appropriation from Federal Funds
  • Cemetery Expansion Project – In the planning and design phase to expand for more plots
  • New Fire Station – In Design Phase / Property already purchased – Cost 13 Million – Application pending approval from USDA and anticipated Federal funding award 

These are some projects our city staff is involved in to move them forward. I want to commend our staff for their work in securing funds to make these projects possible. Without outside appropriated funding, some of these projects would not be affordable. Our staff is very busy managing the different phases of each of these projects. We await a decision on additional funding for projects from the City Council Washington trip. 

RENEWAL OF PHI AIR AMBULANCE INSURANCE City Council approved the renewal membership contract with PHI Air Ambulance (Air-Evac). This membership covers costs above any insurance policies to all city households. This coverage only covers costs if you are flown anywhere in Gila County by PHI. The reason PHI coverage was chosen is that they are the only Air Ambulance company that has a base in our local area at the Pinto Valley Mine property. The total cost for this membership to the city is $24,235.00.

FIRST FRIDAYS First Fridays have become a monthly signature event and continue to grow each month with more participation from downtown businesses, vendors, and cruisers. Our Economic Development team spends an enormous number of hours planning this event. This event is not only enjoyed by our local residents in the community but by many more people who are now coming from out of town on this day with an average participation of approximately 9,000 people. Everyone is invited to participate in the downtown cruise that begins at 5:30 pm starting at the Active Adult Center. We invite the community to come downtown and support the participating businesses and enjoy live music, food trucks, vendors, and even a Historic Fire Truck shuttle ride. Anyone wishing to set up a vendor booth during any First Friday event may do so at no cost by contacting Linda Oddonetto or Melissa Steele at 425-7146.

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