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A Good Read: Local Authors and Books

If you are looking for books on the local area, you’re in luck. The Globe-Miami area has produced a surprising number of books on the region and you can find them at your local museums: Gila Historic Museum and Bullion Plaza Museum . One of the most well known and referenced books is Robert Biagando’s book “Globe, Arizona,  The Life and Times of a Western Mining Town” (copywright 1990). It covers the early era of exploration and discovery from 1864-1873 through the 1917 Mining Strike and is richly illustrated with maps and photos of the era. Others include

One of our favorite authors, Clara T Woody who collaborated with Milton Schwartz on their book simply titled, “ Globe, Az.” (1980).  It is an engaging account of early Globe with personable recollections from two authors who grew up in the area and knew it well. (The “try weakly” story about the Railroad is theirs).  A 1944 thesis that never made it into a book, is by any accounts a rich resource on mining in Miami. Written by Wilman Gray Sain in 1944 , the thesis: “A History of the Miami Area, Arizona” covers the mining, social and physical  history of Miami from the early 1900s.

Copies of the thesis have shown up in private collections for years, and the Historical Museum has two copies. This year they will publish the thesis in book form and make it available to the general public. It is an excellent accounting of Miami’s mining, social and physical history.


**Dr. Bill Haak, local historian and curator at the Historical Museum, has been busy documenting and preserving Globe-Miami’s history and his books on “Globe’s  Downtown Buildings” & “Copper Bottom Tales”  are some of the best  publications on the area and it’s founding fathers.

**A new book, out just in time for the Centennial is, “Globe, Az” by Donna Anderson.

‘Globe’ who attempts to bridge the gap ..”and fill in a few”.. from the area’s earlier days to its present.  The book has been in the works for two years and has involved thousands of man hours of research. “I divided folders into decades and as I would come across something of interest, I’d stick it in that folder.” Part of her research including reading all of the Citys’minutes from 1907 to present!” The book is arranged by decades and is richly illustrated with photos. “We had many people come forward from the community and give us family photos and writings.”


Donna Anderson  has lived in Globe since 1953 when she moved here to work for the Arizona Record as the Woman’s Editor. She and her husband Guy later started the Copper Country News in 1984, which at the time, was the first FREE newspaper in the area. She sold that paper in ’97 and retired from the newspaper business. Her book, “Globe, Az” is available in paperback ($25) and hardback ($45) through the Chamber of Commerce, Center for the Arts and Historical Museum. 

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