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Patti Daley

A traveler, Patti Daley came to Globe in 2016 to face the heat, follow love, and find desert treasure. She writes in many formats and records travel scraps and other musings at daleywriting.com.

Hearts of Miami Engaged

“Miami needs a lot of sprucing up, but you have to start somewhere,” says Evelyn Vargas, leader of the new non-profit organization Hearts of Miami Engaged (H.O.M.E.). H.O.M.E. is a dedicated group of citizens with a common purpose.   That purpose? “Economic development,” says Phil Stewart, a local business owner and …

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Homeless in Gila County

It’s difficult to count the homeless in Gila County. Best efforts put the number at about 50 on any given day. “They are hidden in plain sight,” says Barbara Kannegaard, founder of the Homeless Coalition, a nonprofit grassroots effort to ensure fellow humans have food, water, and a place to …

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Lighting Up the Fields

When the county was working on the baseball fields in Claypool, they needed a manlift and asked if RAM Specialists could help erect the new sports lights. The answer: Of course. “That’s a good community project, so we did that,” says Matt Kannegaard, co-owner of the Miami-based business. But instead …

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