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Arizona’s First Woman Bishop to Visit Globe

UPDATE: Due to a family medical emergency, Arizona Episcopal Diocese Bishop Jennfier Reddall has canceled her special visit to St. John’s Church in Globe, Pastor Byron Mills said Wednesday.

“We were looking forward to meeting Pastor Reddall and she will be in our collective hearts and prayers Sunday morning Nov. 3,” Mills said. “I also repeat my invitation to all who had planned to join our congregation that day and to meet her. They are so welcome to worship with us and join our prayers for Pastor Reddall and for healing during this trying time as she cares for a family member with a serious illness.”


Bishop Jennifer Reddall, the first woman elected to lead Arizona’s Episcopal Diocese, will be the special guest Sunday, Nov. 3 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Globe. Services are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. 

Arizona’s Episcopal Church made history last March when it ordained and consecrated Reddall as its sixth bishop.

Bishop Jennifer Reddall will visit Globe Nov. 3. Courtesy Photo.

St. John’s Pastor Bryan Mills says that while guests from all faiths are always welcome, Reddall’s visit gives him a chance to repeat the invitation.

Known for the beautiful stained glass handmade by local artists, St. John’s Episcopal Church is located at 185 E. Oak St., in Globe.

Built in 1907, the 13,070 square foot church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and is often a featured stop during Globe’s annual springtime weekend tour of historic buildings and homes. 

Mills calls Reddall an inspiring speaker who has proven to be a dynamic leader of the statewide diocese over the past seven months.

“I, for one, am eager to hear Bishop Reddall tell us how the Episcopal Church continues to grow and become more inclusive—she’s a living example of that,” Mills said. “I also hope girls and young women who attend our service that Sunday spend the rest of their day inspired and dreaming about how their own energy, prayers and passion could someday bring a leadership position or clerical service.”

Mills recommends that those who wish to attend check the St. John’s Globe Facebook page, as well as the website stjohnsglobe.org, for more specific information on the Nov. 3 schedule.

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