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Andy Slavitt on Twitter Mar 18*SaveLivesStayHome

Andy Slavitt Andy Slavitt is a senior advisor to BPC and is a member of its Future of Health Care Initiative. Slavitt has decades of private and public sector leadership in health care, business and technology
A lot of the talk today is about the Imperial College paper that came out March 16 with some very dire analysis. This deserves some explanation. But know I’m a layman & so this comes from scientists I’ve talked to. 2  Imperial report
>First take a deep breath and understand that this is a “novel” disease. We have very very little data on it. So view this as a look at how we think the game is likely to end at nine innings from the point of view of the first inning. 2/
>To keep up with this dumb analogy, we may be down 4 runs but we have all kinds of hitters, batters, coaching maneuvers, trick plays, and other things. 4/
>The point that seems to have widespread agreement is we are in for an 18 month haul. It suggests through different scenarios that somewhere between .5 million & 4 million Americans will die. That is just math and the range reflects how many ppl each person infects. 6/
>Most of the deaths would be in the older & chronic populations. Now wipe the numbers from your brain. They are useless to us. Just understand that whatever the nums: -the more extremely we #StayHome & isolate, the fewer deaths -absolutely isolate every at risk loved one7/
>Will these numbers be right? They do not have to be. People will argue over the assumptions used. I have some scientists tell me it’s the best we have. Others will say too conservative. EVERYONE will acknowledge we just don’t know. 8/

>Former CDC head

who I served with said the most important thing we need to be doing is learning. He’s frustrated we aren’t collecting a lot more data. But we will get much better studies. More importantly… 9/

>This is what you might call a, um, focusing moment for the country. That means every scientist, every factory, every genius, every philanthropist will be working on this. And they are. Hackathons, new tests, new models, they will all emerge. 10/
>We don’t have enough ventilators? Smart people will figure out how to make more. They already are. Don’t have enough masks? Every factory in the country will be on it. The Defense Production Act will clear the way. 11/
>You will keep hearing about new problems. They will sound endless. Not enough find mesh. Someone will figure out a new way. Right now we are in the “holy shit, we didn’t plan for this stage.” We will move to the “we are all over this fucking virus” stage. 12/
>We launched yesterday a “Raise your hand- COVID-19” initiative rather quietly yesterday. Looking for supply chain experts, technologists, data scientists, other experts to go work in the state govts and federal government/White House. 13/
>n the first half a day of a Google Doc circulating, 50 people signed up. I called one person at 8:30 am in New York. At 9:15 he called me from his car on the way to the White House. Last night one of my former employees texted me from the White House. Newly married, left NY.14/
>People stepping up for vaccine tests, more testing production and types of test. This will all happen but it depends on a big thing. Trump needs to come clean with the public that this is an 18 month effort, not a quick fire drill. And Congress needs to it the $4T behind this.16/
>We don’t have what we need for the short term and that puts all the pressure on #StayHome. Hard to communicate how important. The short run will be bad. The short run will be very bad if we don’t save our health care system from the onslaught. 18/
>I’m going on a station and on with a host I normally don’t because there appears to be a big spread among the cable news network viewers over what they believe. I appreciate them having me on.19/
>I will be back but have a ton of calls to return. We will get through this and we will beat the paper.
Former Medicare, Medicaid & ACA head for Obama. Founded @usofcareand@townhallvntrs

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