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A Walk Around Globe: The Stairs

In an age where shopping malls and super highways rule our lives, the downtown district of Globe, with its “Main Street” of small shops, walk-able sidewalks, park benches and local traffic is something locals may take for granted, but visitors find charming. It’s more human scale satisfies the senses. Since moving to Globe over ten years ago, I have found pleasure in walking the hills and gullies on which the town is built.

A favorite walk which I have shared with guests at my B&B and friends when they come to visit is a loop which takes in many of the stairs and foot bridges in my neighborhood. These were built at a time when people walked to work, and kids walked home from school.  Many of the stairs were built in the early 1900’s and some were later ‘refurbished’ by CC work crews. Yet, as more and more homes and roads were built and Globe expanded, the old stairs and foot bridges were relegated to history. Yet, today, nearly 100 years later, they do still exist and offer the intrepid explorer a charming “walk-about” of one of the older sections of Globe. Here then, is your chance to stretch your legs, expand your lungs and explore the neighborhood.


Start your walk from downtown Globe at the corner of Cedar Street and Broad, or from one of the local B&Bs,  Cedar Hill B&B (Built in 1904) or  Chrysocolla Inn within a block of the downtown district.

Look for this mural on Broad Street which is the site of the hanging tree. Across from here is the empty lot which leads back to the first set of stairs. Photo by LCGross

Head North on Broad Street along the eight block stretch of the Historic District.  Globe has a very “walk able” downtown District and this summer the Globe City Council, and Main Street program was able to extend lighting, benches and shade trees the entire length of Broad Street thanks to a $98,000 street scaping grant!


2: Look for Lynns School of Dance on the right with the mural of the Old Dominion Hotel (about midway) painted on the side. The mural was painted in the 50’s as part of the filming of The Great White Hope and next to the mural is a historic marker, identifying the location of Globe’s Hanging Tree which was retired in 1881.

These land marks are your cue to turn right into the parking lot and follow the path to the back where you’ll see a trail leading to your first set of stairs.

The entrance to the first set of stairs.

Although it is somewhat overgrown it is easily navigated. 


3: The View overlooking Downtown Globe is your reward for getting to the top of the stairs.  Here you can see the entire Historic District of Globe with over 60 small businesses located in and around this central location.

The view overlooking Globe from the top of the stairs. Photo LCGross


4: Go one block up and turn right on N Sutherland where the pavement drops away to to another path leading to the suspension bridge spanning a deep gulley with steps emerging on the other side.


5: Cresting the top of these steps, you will still be on Sutherland. Weave your way up and over until you get to Oak & East Street. East street dead ends into another gully. And another set of steps.. Proceed to High Street. Turn Right and go to Oak. Turn left.  Here you will see an old rock wall on your left. Follow the wall and turn right at the end. You are on East Street and it will drop into the gulley where you’ll find a small foot bridge and your third set of stairs.   

Nestled into the hill at the end of a cul de sac, many would-be walkers miss this charming foot bridge which is noted on a 1904 map. At the top of the stairs, turn right and head one block down Sutherland Street.

Look for the slate blue house on the left. Tucked between two properties, this last set of stairs follows the edge of two properties and drops you onto Cottonwood Street. From there, it is all downhill. Walking down Cottonwood Street, you can turn left on Sutherland which takes you back to the Chrysocolla Inn or Cedar Hill, or you can drop on down to Broad Street and stroll the remaining blocks of the Historic District. 

We hope you will enjoy your Stair Walk. It’s a unique feature of the Globe area and makes an enjoyable walk to start your day.




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