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Globe’s Cinco de Mayo Festival Aims High

The Tex Mex Festival 2010 held in conjunction with Cinco de Mayo and hosted at Globe’s Community Center did not have a shortage of great entertainment during the two day event.

From Javier Reynoso’s performance with his dancing horses, to the powerful performances by three Mariachi bands from Phoenix and Tucson, the colorful and well executed dancing of Ballet Folklorico tenochtitlan, the latin sound of New Frequency and, of course the two headlining bands: Tierra and Little Joe Y Familia, those in attendance were treated to terrific performances!

Javier Reynoso and his 'dancing horses' performed on Saturday
Javier Reynoso and his ‘dancing horses’ performed on Saturday. Photo by LCGross

As the City’s first big scale event in which they partnered with Los Vecinos De Companeros to put up the $32,000 for the headliner bands, and covered the costs of staging and managing a large scale event they showed it could be done.

Matt Jankowski, Parks and Recreation Manager, and his team did a commendable job of setting up a large-scale facility at the Community Center. If thousands had shown up this weekend  they could easily have been accommodated at this facility. As it was, only hundreds attended the events both days with the majority of the crowds showing up for the bands – despite very low temperatures and high winds.

That is a risk of staging large outdoor events.

Mother Nature isn’t always on board with your plans. Last April/May at this time, we had 70deg weather and clear skies. 

One of the event attendees for Saturday’s Little Joe Y Familia event was surprised at the small crowd, but wondered if the huge protests against Arizona’s immigration bill which were being held in Phoenix and Tucson, could have been a contributing cause for the low numbers. “I know several of my friends who were going to spend the weekend in Globe, decided it was more important to show their support for the protests.”

And, then there is the aspect of change.

The City and Los Vecinos de Companeros took the local celebration of Cinco de Mayo which had been held in downtown Globe for free and re-designed it into a large-scale event with the hopes it would actually bring in money to both the City and LVC. Billed as a Tex-Mex Festival the target audience appeared to shift from down-home to outta-town.

There was some local push back to the Event which many felt was an over-reach for the community. Some felt the ticket prices were too high: $30 day/$50 for two days. Some felt Tex-Mex didn’t represent ‘their kind of music, or festival. Some just felt the show was for out of towners – not locals.

Mariach Sol Azteca from Tucson played both days. Representing the traditional music of Mexico which so many associate with Cinco de Mayo
Mariach Sol Azteca from Tucson played both days. Representing the traditional music of Mexico which so many associate with Cinco de Mayo. Photo by LCGross

Yet, watching the performances during both days, visitors must have been struck by the variety of performances and the mix of traditional with contemporary expressions of Mexican culture. From the rhythym and blues sounds of Tierra on Friday night to the rich violins and voices of Mariachi Sol Azteca, the sounds of what it is to be Hispanic were showcased by some outstanding musical talent. From the Reynoso’s who showcased their horses and roping talent to the wonderful performances by Ballet Foklorico tenochititlan the rich history – which is Mexico- was well represented!

Ballet Folklorico tenochititlan performed several numbers to the crowds delight.
Ballet Folklorico tenochititlan performed several numbers to the crowds delight. Photo by LCGross

The presentation of the La Reina de Las Flores Queens and Contestants occurred under clear skies and each of the ladies are to be commended for their achievements and performance at Saturday’s event.

Talking to Globe’s Mayor, Fernando Shipley, about what he might do differently next year, he said he would begin the Festival on Saturday, since people are working on Friday and most can’t even think of showing up until they get off work.


There are other considerations which will surely be a part of the wrap up discussion regarding better signage, more advertising outside the area and coordination with local merchants, but this should not take away from the fact that many things went right with this event.

Globe proved that we do have an excellent “staging area” for a truly large-scale event and we have the people who can pull it off. Had the crowds been larger, an event of this type can bring in money and become a well-recognized asset for this community. It can be an event which smoozes locals and outta-towners alike and celebrates the Mexican culture which is not just one thing – but a huge melting pot of many expressions. It can be an event for all. And that would be something worth celebrating.


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  1. What a great job the people of Globe did putting on a grand cinco de mayo celebration. I an an outta towner and I can truely see the amount of effort put in. I got to meet the mayor in person and I know he has great plans for Globe. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great reporting on Globe’s big Cinco de Mayo celebration! You addressed the issues surrounding this event accurately and in a balanced way.
    I do hope the event paid for itself … and as a Downtown Globe business owner, I enthusiastically support the innovative efforts to make this event a big success. I shake my head head in dismay when I hear the naysayers whine & criticize. Kudos to the planners & doers — who dare to shake up the status quo by taking a chance on a special new event for our community.
    And… Little Joe y la familia was fabulous! The night breeze was a bit chilly, but the performance was hot!

  3. We went twice on Saturday: in the afternoon to see Azetca del Sol Mariachi (extremely talented) and the dancing horses (a first for me: WOW!)- and then for the Little Joe show at night. WHAT A FABULOUS CONCERT! Even though it was a relatively small crowd, he sand, he rocked, and he made some wise comments about the ridiculous new AZ immigration bill. His parting words were, “Do not be oppressed!”

    Everything- the bands, the grounds, the vendors and the facilities- were professionally presented, and I wish more folks were there to experience and appreciate it.
    One suggestion, though, for next year: improved signage. I live here, and it took me awhile to find it!

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