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Talking Politics

Jan. 10 marked the beginning of Arizona’s 2022 Legislative session, which will be fraught with ultra-partisan politics in a state where many elected officials have bought into the fiction that Joe Biden is not the duly elected president of the United States. Under normal circumstances, the legislative process is an …

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Potentially devastating school budget cuts

*Reprinted with permission. By Former Superintendents, Jim Rice and John Pedicone  Many people may not be aware of an impending education funding crisis that threatens to cripple public schools across Arizona. There is a state process known as the aggregate spending limit, which is part of the state budget. The Arizona Constitution established the …

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Could a spending limit created over 40 years ago force schools to close this Spring?

Arizona’s schools may be forced to close as early as April 1 this spring.   Not because of COVID this time, but because of a perfect storm of problems with our state’s school funding system.  (Funding that by the way, despite recent increases, still ranks as the lowest in the nation).   The irony is that this spring, school districts are …

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