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Chris Mathews performs in Globe

Mathews is one of the best talents in the Globe area and is seen here performing at Sam’s Good Junk Bakery in downtown Globe. Although the bakery is closed and open mic nites no longer held here, we will all remember the wonderful evenings spent listening to local talent and visiting with friends and new people. Thanks Sam. Thanks Chris.

If you want to know more about Chris, catch Darin Lowery’s piece on him titled: Music In His Head”. Here is an excerpt from that interview in which Mathews discussing his views on Wal-Mart and Wall Street:

“Capitalism views people as numbers and just pulls them… we’re just pieces. Not souls, just numbers on a fact sheet. There’s a conspiracy to hide information… people are too afraid to ask questions.” His take on popular music: “It’s a trick— a trap. It’s so turned up sonically it pulls you in. No matter how much you hate it, you can’t get it out of your head. I don’t want to seem like a purist, but it’s just… flashy.”

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