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Linda Gross

Writer, photographer. Passionate foodie, lover of good books and storytelling. Lives in Globe. Plays in the historic district. Travels when possible.

Bending time to meet the needs of a modern railroad system. Creating Standard Time.

It’s time to turn the clocks back for many, but not for us here in Arizona. And while people still grumble about the inconvenience, the reason behind Standard Time solved a very big problem when it was first adopted nearly 150 years ago. The year was 1883 and railroads were quickly becoming …

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Taliesin West comes to Globe-Miami Arizona :Part I

Part I in a two-part series regarding a recently announced four-year studio project between the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and Globe-Miami, Arizona, beginning in 2016 and extending through 2019. The unlikely pairing of an internationally recognized school of architecture and a small rural mining community over the next …

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